A common reason to attest education certificate in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Education certificate attestation in UAE

A common reason to attest education certificate in Abu Dhabi


Attestation of degrees and education certificates is a legal necessity for job seekers and employees who are planning to work in Dubai or UAE. It establishes the authenticity of the document and helps to clear any doubts of hiring managers or employers. It means verifying the authenticity of a document, typically a degree or degree equivalent, to ensure that it was issued by the appropriate educational establishment. Beyond this general guideline, attestation requirements vary according TO the country and the type of document that needs to be attested. If you are in the UAE, you can find all you need to know about Education certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi here.

Attestation of certificates issued in India can be done by the Ministry of External Affairs in India, which shall authenticate the document and affix its seal on it. If your certificates are issued in UAE, then the process is similar to India, in UAE, the Ministry of External Affairs shall authenticate and affix the seal to your certificates. On completion of the process, the attested certificates shall be mailed back to you.

Reasons to attest education certificate in Abu Dhabi

Attesting of certificate for the candidates who have completed their courses from Abu Dhabi is important documentation as this certificate is required for many purposes. It is essential for the candidates to get their certificates attested from UAE Embassy when they move to another country. All the certificates are attested by UAE Embassy only when they are required for the job purpose or for further higher education.

• Attestation is the process in which a document is verified and its genuineness is confirmed by a notary / legal authority or diplomat, which is then accepted by the concerned authorities in other countries.
• A document that has to be used in a foreign country has to be attested first.
• It's essential to check with the official agency that issues the certificate, to make sure the attestation procedure is possible at the moment.
• The exact procedure may vary from country to country. If you find the procedure is not possible, you should try to get a copy from the system that issued it.
• If you're still not positive, then you could contact the embassy in Abu Dhabi for assistance.
• However, you may also be required to attend an interview and/or provide other documents to somebodies.
• The UAE Ministry of Education is not responsible for the attestation of degrees issued abroad.

How to get an education certificate attested in Abu Dhabi

It is a cumbersome process to get a college certificate attested by a notary public. The involvement of the notary public is inevitable to get the attested degree certificate. It is a must because you need your original certificate and it is issued by the government authority. It involves a lot of paperwork and takes some time. Many students are facing this problem and they don’t know what to do. This is a good article on that topic.

• Attestation of your certificate from the Abu Dhabi Embassy is just in case you want to apply for a job.
• There are two ways to get Abu Dhabi attestation: In-Person, You will need to go to the Abu Dhabi embassy depending on the nature of the certificate.
• If it is a fresh certification, you will need to go personally with your original document.
• If it is any other document, you will need to go with a photocopy of your original document, passport, and your original signature.
• Mail Attestation In this process, you will need to mail your certificate to Abu Dhabi Embassy.
• You will need to mail your certificate (along with your passport and signature) by courier.
• once you have submitted your documents through mail, you will need to wait for 2-3 days for your certificate to be attested.

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