US Certificate Attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

US Certificate Attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

US certificate attestation in abu dhabi

Certificates issued in the United States must be attested before being used in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Documents from the USA without any attestation are not recognized by the UAE. A certificate’s authenticity can be proved by the US Government's attestation. The certification, also confirms a person's identity or occupation.

Legalization or authentication are other terms for attestation and an apostille. If you want to live, work, or study in the UAE, you must have birth certificates, marriage certificates, and degree certificates issued in the US. Foreign nationals' documents must go through the attestation process.

The Importance of performing US Certificate Attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Before UAE attestation, US certificates must be fully attested in the United States. The process of obtaining US attestation for use in the Abu Dhabi, UAE is simple but time-consuming. Most people use Attestation services company or agents to save time. Power Index Management Services in Abu Dhabi is a leading provider of US certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi. For many years, we have assisted people looking for professional attestation services. People from all over the world prefer Power Index Management Services in Abu Dhabi because we provide high-quality services at reasonable prices.

The primary reasons why US certificates must be attested in Abu Dhabi, UAE
• For Higher Education.
• Looking for Employment Opportunities.
• Update Visa.
• Application for Salary Increase.
• Begin or expand your business.
• For Migration.
• To Get Family Visa.
• Get Admission to School.
• Confirming Date of Birth

List of Different Types of US Certificates Needed for Attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Marriage and Birth certificates: Attesting such documents takes time and often requires a lot of documentation. We can shorten the process by using Arabic translation on a Copy of the document issued in the United States. If the original document requires attestation, it must be submitted to the concerned Secretary of State for authentication. The duration and charges differ depending on the state.

University Degree Certificates: In order to attestation Degree Certificates, the University must be certified by the CHEA Regional Council body. The Distance Education Training Council cannot obtain attestation (DETC). The original certificate and a copy of the passport are required for attestation.

Chartered Accountants Institute / Financial Accounting Board / Teaching License: The attestation of such certificates will be carried out following with the standard procedure. Attestation requires both the original certificate and a copy of the passport.

Training Certified Certificates: Original Certificate, Passport Copy, and a letter from the institute mentioning its issuance from the United States are required for training certified documents.

Business Documents / Agreement / Power of Attorney for the Company: Corporate document attestation necessitates the original document as well as passport copies of the signatories.

Steps and procedures to follow during the attestation of US certificates in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Authentication: The United States Secretary will authenticate your certificate or document in the state in which it was issued.

Apostille: Apostille is issued as authentication by countries that are partners of the Hague Convention. Apostille is proof that the signatures and seals on the certificates were issued by the authority. Following the Secretary of State, the Authentications Office of the US Department of State verifies the document. Your certificate will be affixed with an Apostille.

These are the requirements for completing the process:
• All documents are translated into English from any foreign language.

Legalization: You will send the document to the UAE Embassy in Washington DC, USA after it has been authenticated by the Department of State.

UAE Embassy Attestation: The UAE Embassy is the final step in obtaining US Attestation for your documents.
Finally, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs must provide an attestation. Your documents are fully attested once you have obtained stamps from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Why should you choose Power Index Management Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE for US certificate attestation purposes?

We have years of experience. We understand the importance of keeping legal documents safe and secure at all times. We work with trustworthy partners who handle your certificates with care. You can believe in us providing timely and trouble-free services.

We are committed to assisting you in obtaining quick and easy attestation of your US-issued certifications and documents for use in Abu Dhabi. All types of documents issued in the United States, including educational, personal, and corporate documents, can be attested. Our services include handling the entire procedure, including translation, notarization, authentication, and legalization as needed. All of your documents will be thoroughly reviewed before proceeding with the process to ensure that you receive 100% guaranteed service with no chance of rejection.

If you need assistance attesting US documents for Abu Dhabi, UAE, please call our UAE number at +971 50 3742348.

We are special for US certificates attestation in UAE for following services:
• Document security ensures dependable services
• Our advisors are knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in this field.
• Collections and deliveries are free within the UAE.
• There is a system for tracking applications status automatically and online.
• Clarity is maintained throughout the process.
• Customer service that is both knowledgeable and friendly.


• Personal documents (marriage certificates and birth certificates for children).
• Diplomas from universities
• Certificates of specialization (Institute of Chartered Accounts, Financial Accounting Board, Teaching License)
• Certificates of training
• Commercial documentation
• Original certificates and a copy of the passport will be required.

The attestation process takes a few weeks to complete; however, if you need the certificates quickly, we can speed up it. Please keep in mind that approving the attestation process undertakes an additional cost.

The total cost of attestation is defined by the type of documents and whether or not they must be translated. The fee will also include the cost of courier services for sending and receiving certificates. Our team will provide a free estimate if you send us an electronic copy of your certificates. We'll begin the attestation process as soon as you approve.

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