Degree certificate attestation in UAE

Degree certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Degree certificate attestation in abu dhabi

A degree certificate is an important educational document that will be needed for a variety of reasons, including higher education and employment. The Abu Dhabi, UAE requires attestation of the degree certificate submitted by competent authorities to ensure its authenticity. It is a time-consuming task involving multiple departments and ministries. An unattested certificate, on the other hand, is null and void, and any application for a job, higher education, visa, or another purpose will be rejected outright.
For use in the UAE, the degree certificate needs to be authenticated and attested by the relevant departments. Certificate of completion the process by which government authorities officially promote a document, assuring the receiving country or organization of its authenticity, is known as attestation or legalization. It usually entails two or three levels of attestations across both countries' government departments. You keep in mind that we can obtain and certify degree certificates from any university or college in the UAE and around the world.

What is the meaning and purpose of doing Degree certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE?

Degree Certificate Attestation in Abu Dhabi is one of the critical authorization techniques that uses an authentication or authorization stamp from the UAE Embassy. It should receive authentication from the country of origin. For specific reasons, the validation of the relative abundance of educational papers is critical.
Ensure that the documents concerned with the Degree are useful in obtaining a visa for a specific professional profile. It also helps in obtaining a family visa. This is also verified by educational associations if one wishes to pursue training or higher education in another country. This ensured document is also required by the organization to extend the employment opportunity.

Importance of Degree certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

When a document or certificate is attested, it removes all doubts about its authenticity and simplifies the process of your convey. Such authentication is required by law for all cross-border transactions involving personal or professional progress. The degree certificate attestation required in for following conditions in UAE

• Embassies and consulates that issue visas and passports.
• In the case of a visa application, emigration request, or change in work status.
• Higher education or equivalency certificate from the Ministry of Education in the UAE.

The Required documents for Degree certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

• Original Degree certificate must be attested, but scanned copies are acceptable in some cases.
• A copy of your current passport.
• A Declaration form attesting to the authenticity of all submitted documents.
• In some cases, a Power of Attorney may be required.

Procedure for Obtaining Attestation for a Degree Certificate in UAE

Degree Certificate Attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE entails the authentication and legalization processes. However, in order to legalize the document's use, you must obtain signatures and seals from the appropriate and dedicated authorities. So, if your document requires Attestation, you can submit and deliver your Degree certificates through an authorized agency like us and we follow following procedure to complete the attestation of your degree certificates in Abu Dhabi, UAE:

- Notary verification from the home country- The first and most important step in degree certificate attestations is notary verification. The notary should validate the certificate's authenticity and acknowledge the signatory's identity in the certificate.
- Attestation from the issuing country's legal authority- In order to use the certificate for Visa and other international purposes, it must be verified and attested after notarization. The authority to certify is typically held by the home country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
- Embassy Attestation- Following the attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the certificate must be attested by the authority in the home country's embassy.
- MOFA Attestation- Finally, the document must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the destination country. The authorities usually look for notarization and attestation from the authorities in the home country's MOFA and embassy.

Why should you choose Power Index management services in Abu Dhabi, UAE for your degree certificate attestation?

• Customer-friendly executives who will assist you throughout the entire process
• Certificates and documents are collected and delivered right to your door.
• Payment terms and modes that are both flexible and secure.
• Professionals with extensive experience who will ensure that there is no rejection.
• Regular updates on the status of your applications processing.
• We will assist you in easing the Attestation process.


If all of the necessary documents are submitted, our experts will have your certificate attested by all legalized authorities within 8- 10 working days, though attestation procedures differ depending on the country of attestation. MOFA attestation typically takes 1-2 business days.

If you intend to use your Indian-origin degree certificate in the UAE, you must have it attested. An Attestation proves that the issued document is authentic and legal to use in the UAE.

The cost of Degree Certificate Attestation in the UAE varies depending on the type of document and the state authorities. The authorities, however, do not collect documents directly from clients. You must submit and deliver them through a government recognised agency.

Yes, obtaining a MOFA Attestation in UAE is required to legalize the use of the Degree certificate in UAE. You can contact us if you need MOFA Attestation from the UAE.

You can get Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE from us. Power index management services in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are one of the most reputable and reliable Document Attestation Agents in Abu Dhabi. Our experts accommodate and correct all documents before delivering them to the appropriate authorities to be attested.

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