School certificate attestation in UAE

School certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi

School certificate attestation in abu dhabi

Attestation of School Certificates in UAE is a legalization process in which school certificates are witnessed by designated authorities, authorized persons, or departments. It is a document verification process that is required for UAE-issued School certificates that are intended for use in another country. However, the Attestation process makes visual the validity and credibility of the signed and sealed document.
School certificates are educational certificates given to students to verify that they have completed their education. An Attestation is required to legalize the use of school documents in another country. It is a verification process that confirms the authenticity and validity of a UAE-issued document. During the process, the school certificates are signed and sealed by the document issuing authority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. So, if you need Attestation stamps from the relevant UAE authorities, you can depend on us. power index management services have specialists dedicated to providing the most dependable and genuine services. We can submit and deliver your documents to the appropriate authorities in a timely and convenient manner. Our helpdesk experts are skilled and experienced in providing helpful guidance and end-to-end support to the appropriate authorities. So, if you need School Certificates Attestation, you can use our best services whenever it is convenient for you.

What is the meaning and purpose of school certificate attestation?

School Certificate Attestation Services in UAE- School certificates are proof of qualification issued by the county’s board of education. School certificates include all certificates issued by schools, including Transfer Certificates, certificates issued at high schools, higher secondary schools, A levels, and O levels. School Certificate Attestation is the process of validating and legalizing certificates for use in another country. To confirm the authenticity and genuineness of a UAE-issued school certificate, it must be attested by MOFAIC. As a result, if you want to use your School Certificate in another country for higher education or visa purposes, you must have your documents legalized through Attestation.

Importance of School certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

It is required to have an attested school certificate for a variety of reasons. Below are some of the major purposes, for which our clients seek attestation on school certificates-

• To pursue school admissions.
• Employment.
• To further education or to pursue education in UAE or abroad.
• To start business in UAE or open a branch in other countries.

What documents are required for the attestation of school certificates in the Abu Dhabi?

When applying for school certificate attestation for your child or your certificates in the UAE, you must bring the following documents with you.

• Photos of the child in passport size.
• Copy of the child's passport.
• VISA copy of UAE Residents.
Birth Certificate Attested (have to be in English or Arabic).
• Transfer Certificate attested by the previous school (if applicable).
• A copy of the parent's passport, a residence VISA, and an Emirates ID are required.
• Medical reports are required.

Procedure for Obtaining Attestation for a School Certificate in UAE

The procedure for obtaining school certificate attestations is usually determined by the issuing country of the certificate. The majority of countries use the following procedure:

• Verification by a Notary Public from the home country
• Home country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Attestation from the home country's embassy
• UAE MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Send an email with a scanned copy of the school certificate. Our experts will go over the process in detail and brief you on it. We frequently advise our clients to have the original school certificate attestation.

Why should you use Power index management services to certify your school certificates in UAE?

Power index management services is an authorized certificate attestation agency in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for all educational certificates. Whether you need school certificate attestation, university degree certificate attestation, or any other type of educational certificate attestation, we can help you get your documents ready for use in the country and around the world.
We have been providing certificate attestation services in the UAE for many years. In Dubai, we provide certificate attestation at all levels, from primary to university and professional. In Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and all other Emirates, we attest to all types of documents.


The time it takes to confirm a school certificate in the UAE varies depending on the state authorities. However, it can sometimes take longer than expected. As a result, you can contact us if you are looking for genuine and quick services.

The legal process of validating the authenticity of school certificates in the UAE is carried out by recognized authorities before they can be used in Abu Dhbai, UAE. Attesting the school certificate is a process that verifies the authenticity of the document by attaching a stamp or signature. This is done to ensure that the certificate presented as evidence is genuine and not forged. A School Certificate is a part of educational documentation. It may be required for admission to other countries. However, to use the certificate legally, you must have it attested by the proper authorities.

Yes, MOFA Attestation on school certificates is required to obtain a school certificate. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE is the only government authority in charge of external affairs. As a result, you must obtain legalization from MOFA to use the certificate.

Obtaining an Attestation School certificate attestation in UAE is a typical process. Power index management services is a reputable document attestation firm. If you want to have your school certificates document legalized at your convenience time, please contact us.

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