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Diploma Certificate Attestation UAE


Diploma certificate attestation in Abudhabi is a procedure to legalize the document for its use outside of the country of origin. It is required for educational and immigration purposes. By attesting your documents you are legalizing it for its use outside of the country of origin. The help of a simple-to-use online application form, you can obtain your Diploma verified from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Government of India, within 4-7 working days without any hassle. Diploma certificate attestation is the process of verifying the document's genuineness, identity and legal status. Usually, the purpose of attestation is verifying the identity of the certificate holders, authenticating the document and certifying the genuineness of the document. Attestation UAE is a legal process in which the embassy of a foreign country certifies a document produced by its consulate in UAE. The attestation process is required for documents produced in countries other than UAE for use in the UAE. The legal documents to be attested are usually in the form of academic or educational certificates.

How to get Diploma certificate attestation in Abudhabi:

All educational certificates need to be attested. Attestation means to verify the veracity of the facts in the certificate, as well as the authenticity of the certificate itself. The attestation boils down to stamping the document as true and authentic. Attestation is done by notaries, court officials, and government officials. For attestation of diploma certificate UAE, you have to have the following documents: Scanned copy of your original certificate. There are two ways to get attestation of your certificates in UAE. One is by visiting to the embassy of your country in UAE and other is by sending the documents through courier. Going to the embassy of your country in UAE will be costlier than sending by courier. You need to go through stringent checks by the officials of your own country. Besides, you need to pay the fees. I suggest you to send the documents through courier. This should be the final, original and attested certificate. Translation of the certificate in English.

Documents for diploma certificate attestation

• Original diploma certificate.
• Passport copy of the documents holder
• Photocopies of the candidate

Purposes of diploma certificate attestation in Abudhabi

If you are going to get your certificates attested, then you need to know the purpose of attestation. The purpose of attestation is to make sure that the document is valid. Attestation is simply to confirm the originality of the certificate that you carry. The certificate should be in original format. The certificate should be officially issued by the concerned University/Board. There are different types of certificate which is attested by the authorized person.

• Diploma certificate attestation is one of the most important steps to apply for higher studies or job.
• It is required by the school or university where you intend to study or a job.
• There are many reasons to do that, but let's discuss the main reasons to do that.
• Attestation of the diploma certificate is always required if you want to apply for a job in another country.
• This is due to the fact that the degree certificate is always issued by the student’s college. The attestation of the certificate is also a necessary part to clear the immigration issues.
• Diplomas, degrees and other academic papers must be attested in order to be considered genuine and valid for the purpose of traveling abroad.
• The documents are attested from the Foreign Ministry or from the embassy or consulate of the country in which the institution that issued the documents are based.
• The attestation process involves two levels of verification. The first level is to verify the authenticity of the document and the second level is to verify the authenticity of the institution that issued the documents.
• So, the main purpose of attestation is to verify the authenticity of the documents.

How to apply for Diploma Certificate Attestation

Our team of professionals will make sure you don't have any hassles to get your certificates attested. We ensure genuine and authentic attestation for all kinds of documents.
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