Diploma Certificate Attestation in UAE

Diploma Certificate Attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Diploma certificate attestation in abu dhabi

A diploma certificate is one of the educational certificates required to obtain an employment/residence visa in the UAE. However, visa authorities will only consider your diploma certificate if it has been attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). However, before it can be attested by MOFA, it must first go through certain procedures in the country where your diploma certificate was issued. Once that is completed, your diploma certificate attestation will be completed. Only then can it be attested by the UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Diploma certificates are issued by a school, college, or university. The majority of the certificates we receive for Attestation are for two-year programs. However, the length varies depending on the subjects and courses you apply for. We will assist you in obtaining such certificates attested for authentication in a timely and dependable manner.

What is Diploma certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

A diploma certificate, as well as any other higher educational certificates, are required to obtain a professional employment visa in Dubai. Diploma certificates and other educational certificates are only accepted in Dubai if they are authenticated by attestation or apostille.
Attesting a diploma certificate is a step-by-step process. You must first obtain Notary Public attestation on your diploma certificate from the country where it was issued. Then it is necessary to obtain confirmation from the Home Department and the Ministry. The UAE embassy must then attest your home country's stamp and signature. The final step is to contact the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
This attestation procedure must be followed in order to legalize a certificate in another country. It can be difficult for an individual to complete the legalization process on time. Because the process and method differ from one document to another from one country to another.

Purpose of Diploma certificate attestation in UAE

When applying for the following opportunities in a foreign country, you must obtain attestations on your diploma certificate.

🔹 Change in VISA Stamping Designation (eg. Sales VISA to Manager VISA).
🔹 Processing of Labour Cards.
🔹 Higher Education purposes in UAE or in abroad.

Our team will guide you through the exact process, duration, and selection of a convenient service that meets your needs.

The procedure to attest to Diploma certificate attestation

When moving to another country for a job, especially with your family, you should obtain attestation on a variety of documents. For example, your certificate/post-graduation/attestation testament, marriage and birth certificate approval, Diploma certificate attestation, children's school move authentication, previous year's class graduation declaration, work experience endorsement, and so on. Validation is required to demonstrate that an archive is certifiable and genuine. On the archive, there will be various attestations. A summary of the Diploma certificate attestation process included is as follows:

🔹 A Notary Public stamp is placed on the certificate (if required)
🔹 Verification from the State Department of Education or another appropriate authority.
🔹 Ministry of Foreign Affairs authentication
🔹 UAE Embassy Legalization in its own country
🔹 Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai,UAE.

Why should you use Power Index management services?

🔹 We provide cost-effective solutions when you have time, as well as same-day attestation when you are short on time.
🔹 We can arrange for the collection and return of your documents anywhere in the world.
🔹 We'll walk you through each step of the process to ensure there are no surprises or additional fees to pay.


The following are some of the reasons why we attest to diploma certificates in the UAE:
• For higher education
• Employment visa
• Redesignation (Higher position in the organization)

Choose a licensed company and the best service provider in Dubai to attest your diploma certificate. Contact Power index management services to have your diploma attested by UAE legal authorities. Call us at+971 50 3742348 or email us at info@Attestation.Ae. You can also use our website chat, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at https://attestation.ae/

The attestation fee is typically calculated based on the issuing country of the document. Because the Embassy/Government fee varies by country. Each department of the country charges a fee based on the nature of the document and the intended use country. Please send a copy of the documents to Info@Attestation.Ae for a quotation. Our team will review them and provide you with a cost estimate.

There is a lengthy list of documents for which you may require attestation. The timing required is determined by various factors, such as the country for which you require legitimization, the type of documents required, and the connection from which you require it. Normally, it takes about 15 to 20 days to cover all departments. In any case, the time period will be affected by aspects to indicate before doing it.

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