All about certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE

certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi

All about certificate attestation in UAE


An attestation would be required for the certificates issued from an educational institution outside UAE. The attestation is to make sure that the certificate is authentic and is issued for the person it is issued for. An attestation would be required for the following certificates: Foreign Degree Certificate, Transcript, and mark sheets. Emigration and Visa Solutions (EVS) provides attestation services for all types of educational, employment, trade, and technical certificates from all over the world. We specialize in attestation of certificates from the UAE, KSA, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Yemen, and several other countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. We provide guaranteed and swift attestation services to all our partner institutions, institutions, and individuals in the UAE and around the globe.

All about certificate attestation in UAE

Certificate attestation in UAE is a government mandate to make sure that a consular seal is applied to the original document and is duly authenticated for local use. This is primarily done to protect local businesses and industries against fake, duplicate, or fabricated certificates. It helps in maintaining the credibility of the certificate and its originality.

• The attestation of a document by the UAE Embassy is a process through which the document is notarized and stamped with the embossed seal of the State.
• This attestation is required to be carried out by the embassy to attest and validate the originality of the certificate issued by the relevant authorities of the respective country.
• The attestation of documents by the UAE Embassy is specific to documents issued in India. The various certificates that are issued by the Indian authorities are required to obtain the attestation by the Embassy confirming the authenticity of the certificate.
• The certificate that is issued by the authorities such as birth certificates, mark sheets, educational qualification certificates, marriage certificates, domicile certificates, and all other official certificates, are required to be attested with the seal of the Embassy.
• The main role of the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi, is to protect the interests of the Indian community in the UAE. The Embassy offers a wide range of consular and passport services.
• The process of certificate attestation takes place at the Consular Wing of the Embassy.
• If a certificate requires attestation, the candidate has to come personally to the Consular Wing of the Embassy.
• All candidates must carry the original documents and a passport size color photograph to the Embassy.

What is the process of Certificate attestation services in UAE?

• Attestation of documents means verification of the information contained in it by a designated authority.
• Certificates need to be attested when you want to obtain a visa, work permit, driving license, passport, etc. Attestation service providers in UAE provide certified documents to the visa officer, employer, or other government authorities.
• Attestation is required when you want to import and export goods, set up a business, obtain a loan, and for many other purposes.
• In order for the authorities to accept your documents, the documents need to be acceptable to the government. If not, then the documents will be rejected.
• This service is mainly used for attestation of documents for those who are seeking a permanent residency in the UAE or those who want to travel abroad.
• It is basically a legal procedure that deals with the process of legalization of documents for further use in the UAE or abroad. It is an essential step that is followed by the applicant after the submission of the documents.
• It is to ensure that the documents submitted by the applicant are in line with the current UAE laws.

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