Certificate Attestation Services- Indian Embassy in Dubai, UAE

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Certificate Attestation Services- Indian Embassy in Dubai, UAE


Indian Embassy in Dubai Attestation Services at Documents Empire is very fast & reliable. Documents Empire is a leading provider of vital and important documents to Dubai, UAE, and the world at large. Documents Empire has a strong base of satisfied clients and provides attestation for all attestation-related services.
Certificates are the use of public certification, which is issued by the government of a nation to certify the authenticity of an object. In India, all the certificates have to be verified by the Ministry of External Affairs before it can be used for any purpose. Attestation, for the most part, refers to the process of authentication of any certificate. It is the way by which the Government of India verifies all certificates to make sure that it has not been forged or altered. It is important to be aware that attestation is necessary for any certificate issued in India to be used in any legal & official matters. If you want to use the certificate in India or abroad, it is essential that you get it attested.

How can I attest Indian certificate in Dubai, UAE

• To attest your Indian certificate attestation in abu dhabi, you will need to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dubai Embassy, or the Consulate of India in the country where you live.
• You should carry all the original copies of your qualification, experience, and personal details and submit them to the authority.
• The authority will check & put a stamp of attestation on your documents and then return it to you.
• Indian attestations of documents basically are done by the Consular Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs.
• The attestation is basically a certification of the signature of the person who attested the document. Attestation of documents basically is a verification of the document.
• A document has to be attested from the home country of the document as well.
• For Example, if you have a document issued in India, then it should be attested in India only.
• Do not send the document to anyone to attest without proper authorization.

How many days will take for Indian certificate attestation in UAE?

I would suggest you do your research on the UAE Embassy website. As you can see, the attestation or Apostille service is to be provided for FREE for certain licenses and certificates. If your certificate falls under the items quoted as free, then the UAE Embassy will handle the rest. If it isn't, then you will need to go to a third-party notary to get your documents signed, notarised, and legalized. Additionally, aside from the documents, you need to provide at the UAE Embassy, you also need to ensure that your documents are legalized back in India by the Ministry of External Affairs. I hope this helps.
To get an Indian Degree certificate attested in UAE, the processing time varies according to the degree, educational board, and the UAE embassy. The processing time is usually 2-3 working days.

Purposes of having Indian certificate attestation services in UAE

• Attestation of documents from Indian authorities plays an important role in UAE. It is the responsibility of the attestation officer to ensure that the document is genuine, and has not been tampered with.
• By obtaining the attestation, you can use the document in UAE to get your work done in the country. They give their seal of attestation on the document, which can be used while applying for a visa, or driving license.
• An certificate attestation in abu dhabi is a procedure of legalization of documents. The Indian Embassy in UAE is the authority for this procedure.
• One must note that not all countries require the documents to be attested. For example, it is not compulsory to attest your documents in UAE.
• When the attestation is done, it means the documents to be legalized have been verified by the concerned authorities.
• It is a procedure that takes place during the time of receiving the original documents in the concerned department.
• There are various documents, which require to be attested by the concerned authorities, and the legal process of attestation is to be followed.

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