Complete Guide on diploma Certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi

Diploma Certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi

Complete Guide On diploma Certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi


Diploma certificate attestation in UAE is a legal & valid process to declare the authenticity of Certificates. To get diploma certificate attestation in UAE you need to provide original copy of the certificate, Passport copy with visa copy, and a personal letter from the candidate. You need to provide the complete address with phone number, and complete official address of the Educational institute, which is issued the certificate. We are one of the reputed firms in UAE in the field of diploma certificate attestation in UAE.

Attestation is a process of authenticating the signature of the authorized signatory on the certificate which is mandatory for all certificates issued abroad like Educational certificates, diploma certificate, etc. The UAE Embassy verifies the signature by checking with the issuing authority to ensure that the signature is genuine. This process is mandatory for all educational certificates to be used in UAE. It is a simple process which takes only a few days to complete.

How to get diploma certificate attestation in UAE:

• Attestation of all the certificates is the most important part to get the job in Gulf Countries. First of all, you should check the list of eligible documents to get the job. Most of the companies have the list of documents on their websites.
• You might think that attestation is something that is not very important for you. But, attestation is the proof that you are the real owner of the document.
• You may contact the corresponding embassy in your area for the certificate attestation. You may also find out the list of companies & their location for the certificate attestation.
• Diploma certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi requires you to submit an application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).
• It is a legal requirement for all the educational certificates to be attested by the MOFA to be accepted as valid.
• All original Certificates must be submitted in person. If the original document is not in English, then an authorized official translation must be provided.
• Attestation of a document to be taken to the UAE, just as like a degree is a legal requirement. The document must be attested from the Ministry of External Affairs of the respective country.
• So, if you are going to live in the UAE, then you need to take your degree for attestation from the MEA of India.
• The attestation of a document can only be done by the Ministry of External Affairs. Otherwise, you need to take it to the Indian Embassy in the UAE.

What is the purpose of getting diploma certificate attested in UAE?

• It documents your academic qualification in UAE. If you are applying for a job in UAE, then your employer always prefers to hire an individual with a higher education.
• Therefore, you are expected to submit a diploma certificate to your employer. Your employer also expects to see attested diploma certificate from the Ministry of Higher Education.
• If your diploma certificate is not attested or not issued by the authorized authority, then you cannot submit it to any educational or employment institution.
• In this case, you are forced to get your diploma certificate attested by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education.
• Other attestation reports include Certificate of Good Moral Character and UK degree certificate validation.
• If you have any documents that need to be attested, then you can get attestation services in Dubai, UAE.
• A foreign diploma should be verified from the issuing country’s ministry of education or from the university itself to be eligible for higher education in UAE.
• It is a process that attests to the veracity of a foreign degree. If a foreign degree has been issued by an accredited university & has been attested, then there are no legal problems to pursue higher education in the UAE.
• Any applicant with a foreign degree that has not been issued by a university or institution accredited locally, has to have it verified by the responsible authority in the country of issuance or by the ministry of education and be issued with an attested copy along with a certificate of authenticity.
• When you are applying for a job in UAE or for higher studies, to get admission in university, you have to have an attested copy of your degree certificate.
• Your degree certificate has to be attested by UAE Embassy or Consulate to make it valid as a proof of your education.

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