Degree Document Attestation Process: all you need to know

Degree Document Attestation Process: all you need to know

Degree Document Attestation Process: all you need to know


The UAE Embassy Attestation is the legalization of your academic or professional qualification documents or certificates issued in foreign country. Attestation of degree certificate in UAE is a process by which the degree certificate is authenticated for use in the United Arab Emirates. The degree certificate attestation procedure in UAE ensures that the degree or certificate is attested by the concerned university or institution and the documents are free from any tampering.

How to get Degree certificate attestation services in UAE:

• Dubai is the most vibrant and cosmopolitan city in the United Arab Emirates. It is an international business hub.
• Anyone can get his degree certificate attested in Dubai. But a degree certificate issued by a university abroad is required to get it attested in the UAE.
• Getting a degree certificate attestation in UAE is pretty easy.
• You can either visit the MOFA office in Abu Dhabi or any other Emirate or submit the documents for attestation.
• In many cases, people may have a degree earned outside of the country, and they need to get it attested so they can use it within their home country. In other cases, people may want to fake a degree to help get a promotion.
• people may want to get a fake degree to help them get a job that requires a degree. Whatever reason a person may have for getting a fake degree, there is a way to do it, and it's not that hard.
• What you need to do is just visit the Ministry of Higher Education website, and there is a section that has guidelines for getting degrees attested. There's a lot of information on this page, but the most interesting part is the section called "Getting Degree Attestation."
• Attestation of academic document is mandatory in UAE if you are a foreigner. The attestation can be done both in the UAE and in your home country.
• Attestation certificate of the document is mandatory in order to use it in UAE and get a job, open bank account, enroll in higher education, apply for Visa, passport etc.
• Obtaining the attestation for your degree in UAE is an important task that you should know about.
• It is where the UAE Embassy or Consulate will provide an attestation letter that proves that the document you have submitted is indeed genuine.

Process of degree certificate attestation in UAE:

• Attestation of Degree & Certificate in UAE Process for Attestation of Degree & Certificate in UAE: Attestation of Documents in UAE is the process of verification of the authenticity of the documents or certificate presented by the applicant before the UAE Embassy / Consulate.
• The documents or certificate issued in the country of origin or in any other country by Educational Institution or any other Authority are not considered genuine if they are not duly attested by the Ministry or the Body authorized to do so by the Government of UAE.
• The Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes charge of the attestation of Degree, Mark Sheet and the Certificates of the educational institutions and other Institutions and other documents. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has appointed the following bodies to do the attestation of documents / certificates on its behalf depending on the nature of document to be attested.
• Degree attestation in UAE is the process where the certificate is legalized before it is permitted to use in various fields. Attestation of diploma is a legal process of verification, completion and duplication of the education documents in UAE.
• In UAE, the student can get the diploma attestation after he completes his graduation from the University or from the college.
• The UAE government and other government organizations are responsible to check the originality as well as the validity of the degree certificate before granting permission for the job and for other work related.

Purposes of degree certificate:

• Degree certificate attestation (in UAE) is the process of converting a document from one country to another. It could be a birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, marriage license, divorce decree, adoption and much more.
• The purpose of degree certificate attestation in UAE is to make it acceptable for use in another country.
• If you have an academic degree in one country and need to use it in another country you need to have degree certificate attestation.
• The process of attestation also varies from country to country. If you intend to use a degree from another country in UAE, you will have to send it through degree certificate attestation in UAE.
• Attestation is done to validate all the details printed on the degree certificate. The most important thing that should be verified during the attestation process is the university from where the degree was obtained.
• All the details printed on the degree certificate must be same as per university records.
• After the degree certificate attestation UAE, the degree certificate will be accepted by all companies and universities depending on the documents standard and validity of the mentioned university.
• In UAE, all the companies have the right to ask the applicant to show the degree certificate attestation UAE.

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