Diploma Certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi: What does it mean and how it is required

Diploma Certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE

Diploma Certificate attestation in UAE: What does it mean and how it is required


An attestation is a procedure for authenticating an official document. The procedure of attestation of an official document is to validate the document issued by the government authority. The documents issued by the authorities in different countries have different attestation procedures.
For example, the documents issued by the government authority in UAE require attestation by the ministry of foreign affairs.
All diploma holders must have their certificates attested by the ministry of education. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to attest to your diploma certificate in UAE.

• Go to the attestation centre.
• Take your original and copy of the documents with you.
• Fill in the documents with your details.
• Attestation process will take some time.
• After the entire process of attestation, if any mistakes are found in your documents, you need to get them corrected at the same attestation centre.

What is Diploma Certificate attestation and how it is required?

Diploma certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi is the process of issuing a legalised copy of your degree certificate, which can be used for immigration purposes.
It is also called the legalization of degree certificates in Abu Dhabi. It is needed to get a job visa, immigration, foreign posting, bank loan, admission to a school or university, and overseas employment. This makes your degree certificate easy to use in another country.
Diploma certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi is very important for the Indians as in some countries, the attestation from the foreign ministry is not considered valid.
You can get your degree certificate attested from the Ministry of external affairs. After getting the attestation from MEA, you can use the degree certificate anywhere in the world.

• Attestation or Apostille is a procedure to verify the genuineness of the signature and stamp of the issuing authority.
• The letter of verification or certificate is usually affixed on the left of the leaf and is in the form of a rectangular or circular stamp.
• The attestation authorized agency stamps the document with the Office seal and signature of the authorized official. The final product is a verified or certified document which can be accepted for legal and official use.
• As per the UAE labour law, you need to obtain a certificate of your educational qualification from your country's educational authority.
• Make sure that you have the original attestation from the educational authority in your country. Most of the educational authorities have appointed professional attestation companies in the UAE to provide attestation services.
• You can get certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi from any of the attestation companies. Attestation of your certificates is a legal requirement and it must be done in the UAE.
• Certificate attestation in dubai is a simple procedure and takes only one day to finish. You can get your educational qualification certificate attested in any major city in the UAE.
• It does not matter which Emirate you live in, you can get it attested from the company in any major city of the UAE.
• For more information about the certificate attestation, you can visit the website of the education authority of your country or contact an attestation company in your country.

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