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Documents Typing Services - Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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What is the role of the Ministry of Labour, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

The Ministry of Labour is responsible for all issues related to the employment of foreign workers in the UAE. The Ministry of Labour is responsible for issuing work permits to foreign workers, for their medical treatments and the safety and security of the foreign workers. Other than that, the Ministry of Labour is also responsible for any legal adjustments that might occur in the country. Ministry of Labour is also in charge of conducting any investigations, as they are legally empowered to do so. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes and promotes the UAE’s foreign policy, the development of bilateral and multilateral relations with other states, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations, as well as the protection and promotion of the interests of the UAE abroad. The Ministry of Labour is the UAE’s authority to oversee the employment of UAE citizens and ensure that their rights are protected. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the UAE’s authority to deal with the UAE’s foreign relations and also maintain relationships with other countries to promote trade and commerce

What is meant by the Ministry of labour and ministry of foreign affairs in UAE?

Ministry of labour: Ministry of Labour in UAE aims at implementing the rules and regulations according to which the wages and compensation of the workers are paid. Also, it keeps a check on the employment, as well as the work done by the labour force in the country. The ministry monitors the activities of the companies and the establishments. It is authorized to cancel the work permits of the workers if they fail to meet their responsibilities. The ministry also supervises the companies to ensure that they abide by the law of the country. The Ministry of Labour is the federal government agency in the UAE responsible for regulating and ensuring the safety of workers in the country’s private sector. The ministry works to raise awareness among labourers about their rights and to protect them from employer exploitation.

Ministry of foreign affairs in UAE

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is one of the most prestigious departments of the UAE. The Ministry is responsible for building the relations between the UAE and other nations, and for supervising the implementation of all plans concerned with the external policy of the UAE.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE is a ministry that plays a vital role in development, diplomacy, foreign relations and international politics. The primary goal of this ministry is to work for the growth of UAE and its economy by focusing on the development of different sectors including industry, trade and tourism. The ministry not only works for UAE’s growth but also for the development of foreign relations with other countries.

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