Everything you need to do after graduation

Everything you need to do after graduation

Everything you need to do after graduation


Educational certificate attestation in UAE is required by the Ministry of Education, United Arab Emirates (UAE) for both teachers and students to complete their educational qualifications and to appear in any examination conducted in the country. Attestation of certificate is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE in the country. A certificate attestation is the procedure of legalizing the documents and certificates issued outside UAE. Attestation is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The document must first be authenticated by a concerned court such as Embassy of the UAE, Consulate General of the UAE, or the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The attestation is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for all educational certificates. Upon the attestation, it is given the official stamp on the document, which amounts to taking the document out of the Embassy, Consulate or Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Things you need to know after graduation:

Choosing a career is a big decision for many people, but you should never be afraid to change your major if you find out that a different one is better for you. If you have no idea what you want to do after graduation, I suggest you go to a career counsellor and try to find out what you are interested in. It is important to have fun in your career; otherwise you will be in a slump the whole time. If you are asking what you should do after graduation, I would advise you to find a job in a company that will provide you with a lot of challenges and opportunities to grow. The most important is that you start your career as early as possible, because the earlier you get started, the earlier you will be rich.

Process of education certificate attestation in UAE:

The attestation of education documents is a legal process where the documents are compared with the originals. The process of attestation must be done before the documents are submitted abroad. It is mandatory to attest the documents from the concerned issuing authority in UAE

• The attestation process of a UAE education certificate is quite simple.
• A certificate must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Embassy to the UAE.
• The certificate will be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Embassy and stamped.
• The attested certificate will be submitted to the university which the applicant wants to pursue higher education
• The attested certificate should be deposited in the Education Certificate Section of the University.

Purposes of having education certificate attestation

• Education certificates attestation is an important step to prove your educational qualification during your job search in Dubai or UAE.
• You may find job opportunities in government and private sectors in Dubai with your education qualification and in some cases you may get more salary packages if you have the proper attestation, if your education is from foreign country.
• Normally, certificates need to be attested from Education Ministry or Embassy of the country where you got your education qualification.
• The general attestation for degree, diploma, certificate and transcript is not more than six months, it's depends on the country policy.

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