Get relevant details about the Philippines certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE

Philippines certificate attestation in UAE

Get relevant details about the Philippines certificate attestation in UAE


The Philippines are a popular tourist destination. It offers a lot of wonderful places and amusement parks. The country has become a hot favorite for the people who love traveling. Since the Philippines are a popular tourist destination, many people visit it for various reasons. To travel to the Philippines, the passports need to be valid for 6 months from the date of entry into the country. But, the visa needs to be attested by the Philippines Embassy in UAE to make it valid.

The Philippines are known for doing all kinds of jobs like domestic workers, construction, workers, and business owners. Because of these Filipinas are migrating to other countries for a good jobs. Because of this reason, the Philippines is the most popular country for migration. The UAE is a rich country in the world. There are a lot of Filipinos residing in the UAE. The UAE embassy in the Philippines is providing all the services to the Filipinos in the UAE. The Philippines certificate attestation in UAE is done by the Philippine embassy in UAE. Because of this, to get a job in the UAE, you must have to get your documents attested in the UAE.

In simple terms, certificate attestation is the process of legalizing the documents that are required to be legalized by the embassy of the Philippines in the UAE. The embassy may accept the documents for attestation based on documents that are in a language other than Arabic or English. But if the documents are in Arabic or English, then you need to translate them. You can get the translation of the documents from the UAE Embassy in the Philippines.

Everything you need to know about Philippines certificate attestation in UAE

• The most common problem that expatriates face in the United Arab Emirates is the officialization of their documents.
• Toto gets their degrees and transcripts, Filipinos must contact the Philippine Foreign Service Post in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates for the processing of their documents.
• This should then be followed by the submission of the documents to the Embassy of the Philippines in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Once this has been done, the attestation will then be transmitted to the Embassy in Abu Dhabi.
• There has been a huge demand for Philippines attestation from UAE. This is because UAE is one of the most important business sectors in the world which needs the certificate attestation through a specified authority.
• The other reason for attestation is that people want to migrate either for business purposes or employment or family reunification.
• According to the UAE law, any employment visa or visit visa will not be issued to the applicant unless the Philippine documents such as birth certificate/diploma/degree/marriage certificate/driving license/tax clearance, etc. are not attested by the Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Philippine embassy.
• Normally attestation of certificates can be done by a diplomatic representative in UAE.
• If you do have a representative in UAE, you can also get your certificates attested in the Philippines.
• However, most of the employers in UAE do not prefer candidates who are not from the Philippines, so there comes the hassle of getting certificates attested.

Importance and procedure of Philippines certificate attestation

• Attestation of Philippines documents is required when you are going to enroll in any educational institution or job in UAE. The attestation process for Philippines documents is the same as the UAE documents.
• The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UAE Embassy in the Philippines, or the Consulate of the UAE in the Philippines will offer you the attestation service.
• Depending on your documents, you can choose between the attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the attestation by the UAE Embassy in the Philippines.
• Philippines Embassy in Dubai Attestation is simply the attestation of your Philippines notarized documents.
• The Embassy or consulate of the Philippines in Dubai issues a certificate of attestations which is to be attached to your documents. This process is mandatory for most of the documents.
• If you are applying for visas for India, then Embassy Attestation or Embassy Legalization is also required.

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