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If you are new to UAE, then you need to get your school certificates attested by the Ministry of Education of your home country. To get your education certificate attested from the Ministry of Education in UAE you need to contact the Ministry of Education office in your home country. school certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi is very important for foreign employers. To get a job in foreign countries or to apply for higher studies, you need to have your certificates attested by UAE Embassy. Most employers ask for attested certificates as they are not satisfied with self-attestation. If you don’t have the certificate attested, then you need to start a new one. This will take time and money. To avoid these problems, students should get their certificates attested in UAE Embassy. If you are looking for school certificate attestation services for UAE, then you can get helped by professionals.

How to get your school Certificate Attestation is done

• To gets your school certificate attested from UAE, you need to visit the nearest UAE Embassy in your country.
• You will have to submit your school certificate and along with it, you need to fill out the certificate attestation form which is available in the UAE embassy.
• You should attach a copy of your passport with the attestation form as well as your visa. In case you have completed your education in a different country, you will also have to fill out an affidavit form.
• For example, if you have completed your education in India and you are now living in UAE, then it is mandatory that you fill out an affidavit form.
• We verify your original educational certificates issued in your country and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at a very affordable price.
• Our services are offered for students and job seekers who are going to work in UAE. Apart from UAE, we provide attestation and apostille services for Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman.
• Our service fee is very less as compared to the other attestation agencies and also we provide free-of-cost sample attestation.
• The attestation and apostille process is a very easy process and it is done on the same day. If you want to know more about our services, then you can call us or what Sapp us.
• This is a very common query that what the procedure of certification and attestation in UAE is. We have many clients in UAE and they all have praised us for the fast and secure process we use.
• Most of them are coming to us and asking for our service for attestation and apostille. We are also offering online attestation and apostille service.

Purposes of having School certificate attestation in UAE

• School certificates attestation and notarization is a formal process of authenticating the legality of an academic document issued by an educational institution in UAE or abroad.
• The process is to ensure the authenticity of the academic certificate and the signature of the official who issued the certificate to the student.
• The certificate attestation requires a witness to verify the signature of the official in charge of the institution on the certificate to ensure the signature is authentic.
• The attestation is needed if you plan to get a job in UAE, or if you want to register at a university in the country.
• If you are a non-citizen of UAE, the documents are needed even to apply for employment in the country.
• School certificate attestations are required in all the schools, universities, immigration, and other legal purposes, so if you have completed your school education and have your school certificate, you have to get a certificate attested from the respective educational boards.
• School certificate attestation will get the document correct and authentic from the educational board.

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