Guideline for Attestation services in UAE

Attestation services in UAE

Guideline for Attestation services in UAE


Attestation is a procedure that confirms the authenticity of a document. This procedure is done by an authorized official from the company which issued the certificate. The certificate is converted into the language of the country in which the certificate is to be accepted. This is done to ensure that the document is not a forgery and is a true representation of the foreign certificate. The certificate is subsequently legalized by the ministry of foreign affairs of the UAE.

There are many reasons to get a certificate attested. A certificate attestation helps in finding a job in another country. If an employer is searching for a job in India and has a certificate issued in India then it has to be attested by the foreign ministry in UAE. The process of attestation makes it easier for an employer to understand the value of the certificate and increases the chances of employment. There are many other reasons for which a certificate needs to be attested.

Attestation is a process to authenticate documents issued in one country to be used in another country. For example, if you want to get a job in a different country, you need to submit your documents as proof of your qualifications. For example, if you got your degree from India and now you are working in UAE, you need to submit your Indian degree certificate for validation to get an equivalence certificate from the ministry of education in UAE.

Attestation services in UAE

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How to get Attestation services in UAE

Attestation of Documents UAE is a service that is given only by authorized authorities and that too for the specific purpose of attesting documents issued abroad. This is done for the purpose of providing them with the authenticity of documents issued by that particular country. To get an attestation of documents UAE you need to contact the concerned authority mentioned in the document and ask them whether they can provide you with the attestation services or not. You will also be asked to submit the document so that they can check whether they can provide the service or not.

• There are some websites through which you can get attestation services in UAE.
• You can find these websites on the Internet. You can visit these websites to get information about the attestation services in UAE. You will find some requirements to get the attestation services.
• You have to send the documents to the given address. Once you send the documents, you will get the services within the time period.
• Your documents will be attested according to the required rules and regulations.
• Once the documents will be attested, you can use these documents in any country.
• It is difficult to find attestation services in UAE.
• You have to search through the Internet to find the required information.

How many days will take for attestation services in UAE?

It depends on the type of document and the number of pages. All of the documents will be checked as per procedure and if they are complete and in order, you can expect the services within 3-5 days. In case your documents are incomplete or not in the proper format, the time frame will be extended.

What is the attestation required for UAE?

UAE companies may hire expatriate workers only if they have the right visa. In order to obtain the right visa, companies have to obtain attestation from the UAE government. Attestation is a verification process, in which an authorized agent in UAE determines whether the documents submitted to him are original and if they are correct. If the documents are correct and original, he will issue the attestation stamp on the documents and the company will get the right visa for the applicant.
Before applying for a visa to Dubai, you need to get your Emirates ID card. You will get your UAE ID card from the Emirates ID office after you complete your interview. The attestation of your documents is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You will be given an appointment for attestation of your documents after your application for a visa is approved.

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