Here Is What You Might Not Know about Attestation services in UAE

Attestation services in UAE

Here Is What You Might Not Know about Attestation services in UAE


Companies and individuals are often required to present certification of their documents as evidence of their accuracy. Whether a document is a legal, official or financial document, or whether it needs to be certified, you can be sure that an attestation service in UAE is the solution.
Certificate attestation Services in UAE are generally required for all types of certificates and documents, which are to be used outside the UAE. You can take up your documents to the concerned Government Departments for obtaining the attestation of the document. The documents which may be required to be attested include

• Birth Certificate
• School Transfer Certificate
• Driving License
• Marriage Certificate
• Academic Qualification Certificates
• Medical Certificate
• Police Clearance Certificate
• Power of Attorney
• Passport
• Special Power of Attorney
• University certificates
• Birth Registry Certificates
• Judicial Documents
• Residence Permit
• Death Certificate
• Court Orders

Any other document which has to be used outside the UAE In case you are travelling to another country and have the documents which need to be attested, you are to contact the UAE Embassy / Consulate General of the country where you wish to travel. The Embassy will guide you about the documents which need to be attested and the steps that you need to follow. You may contact them for the same.

What You Might Not Know about Attestation services in UAE

Attestation services in UAE are one of the most popular and widely used services in the region. It is an easy, reliable, and convenient way to get any document attested from the UAE embassy.
Attestation can be done at the UAE embassy of the country where the documents are issued. UAE attestation services are the most widely used because the UAE documents are considered to be the most authentic documents globally.
They are widely accepted in all the countries and having UAE attestation on your document is a guarantee that it is genuine. There are many documents that need to be attested from the UAE embassy. For example, if you are applying for a job abroad, you will need your degree certificate attested by the UAE embassy.

What is attestation services required?

The attestation services in UAE are used by the companies and individuals who wish to open a bank account in UAE. It is an important procedure since the banks of UAE have to make sure the authenticity of the document.
It is a good way to make sure your documents are genuine. If the documents are not genuine then you might be caught in some legal snags. Since the banks have to provide the best banking services to the clients, they have to make sure the documents are of best quality.
When you apply for an employment contract for a foreign national, you must have an attestation services certificate. This is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). The MFA attestation certificate is mandatory to obtain a residence visa. Without it, the employer cannot employ that foreign national and the foreign national cannot obtain a residence visa.

Where can I go to obtain certificate attestation services?

It is always a good practice to have documents attested before they are sent to a foreign government. This ensures that the documents are acceptable and certified by the foreign government. Documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational certificates, and many more can be attested in the UAE.

Certificate attestation services best agencies

There are many reasons why you should prefer to use an experienced and reliable certificate attestation agency in the UAE while dealing with the certification process of your documents. If a person is deputed to take care of the certification and attestation process, he or she must have knowledge of the norms and procedures followed by the government.
He should know the document types which are required to be certified for the purpose of attestation. The most important thing is the experience which matters a lot when you’re looking for certificate attestation services in UAE.
There are many professions available in Dubai, most of the people are getting there as an office job to do business or for educational purposes or for medical treatment for work visas or to get married purpose. In Dubai, almost all the certificates are attested by the government in order to get a job or to get a visa from there. So if you are planning to go to Dubai for any of your reason then you have to get your certificates attested from the given authority such as passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, educational certificate, income, character, police clearance certificate, driving license. All type of certificates is available in Dubai through the government.

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