How to Ensure Your Certificates Safety during Attestation?

Attestation services in UAE

How to Ensure Your Certificates Safety during Attestation?


The basic requirement to get the documents attested from UAE is that it should be a notarized copy of the original document. The document must have a seal and signature of the company authorized agent and any other authorized officer.
The attestation of documents can be done in the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. There are several factors that can influence the time duration of the process. The factors mainly include the validity of the documents, type of document, number of documents, and more. The documents can be submitted by the company or the individual.
It is also required to submit the same documents at the consulate to which they are to be attested.
There are several ways to ensure the safety of certificates during attestation in the UAE. Which is a popular method used in many countries like India, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc. In this procedure, you can retain your original certificates and in your attested one you can get your new name and degree. Another method will be not to send your certificates at all, but we recommend that you retain your original certificates too. The main advantage of this method is that you can carry your original certificates with you while you travel.
You just need to get attested or apostilled certificates or legalized documents ready with you. In case you have to apply for a job or study in some other country due to your profession, then your documents will be accepted if they are attested by the reputed UAE Embassy or Ministry.
You can get the attestation certificate in your country from a local certifying agency or if possible you can obtain the certificate from UAE Embassy or Ministry.

3 ways to make sure your certificates are completely secure

Selected a trusted attestation agency:

Selecting an attestation agency for your visa can be tricky and time-consuming. You have to make sure that you have selected and registered a trusted attestation agency because if you have to face any problems the attestation agency will not bear the responsibility.
The client needs to do his or her own research and check the credibility of the attestation agency to be selected. The attestation agency must have the required credibility.
The attestation agency should be able to have the required experience to cross-check the documents. The expert staffs of the visa agency need to be experienced and trained in verifying the documents. The agency must have a website that is professional and with all the details of the company and its staff

Reliable courier services:

Actually, a courier is always taken as a service which is always reliable. Courier is needed in every business and it has a very important place. But there are some companies which are proving good courier service. You can choose them and send your documents, certificate, etc. There are some companies that provide the best courier service in Dubai. They will provide you with the best service of your choice and give you the best option.

Maintain a daily Follow-up:

Follow-up on the job is very important for certificate attestation in UAE. The customer can book online and get the services done at the promised time. For example, the customer comes to you and says that he wants to change from visa to citizenship. You can ask him to wait for two to three weeks as it might take that long to complete the paperwork. The customer doesn’t want to wait and wants it done in a hurry. So, you can ask him to come to your office and complete the work himself. Then, he can come to your office, sign the papers and get it done. If the customer is satisfied with your services he will surely come back to you for any future services that he needs.

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