How to get a degree certificate attestation

Degree certificate attestation

How to get a degree certificate attestation


An attestation of degree certificate is required to be done in the UAE, wherein the verification is done from the concerned Ministry or from the Ministry of External Affairs in India. Attestation of degree certificate is a legal procedure which is used for the purpose of recognition of any document or certificate issued by the particular University in UAE. A person who has the degree certificate which is issued by the foreign University in India has to go through the process of attestation of degree certificate. This process verifies the authenticity of the certificate so that the person can have a smooth and hassle free admission in any University in UAE.

Degree certificate attestation:

A Degree Certificate Attestation/ Apostille are a process of getting a seal from the government on the degree certificate. This is done entirely at the discretion of the government, usually when a person wants to work in the public sector. The purpose of the attestation is to ensure that the documents are originals and issued by the correct authority.
The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation have started online attestation of degree certificates issued to the UAE citizens. You can visit the Ministry’s website to register your degree certificate at the attestation section.
If you have already received your certificate and you want to get it attested in UAE, you will have to visit a firm of notary public. In order to get the degree certificate attested in UAE, you will have to submit the following documents:

• The original certificate
• Passport and visa
• The application form the attestation process has to be completed within two to three days. Our attestation firm will be more than happy to help you out.

The certificate attestation process is to make sure that the certificate is not fake and the signature on the degree certificate is authentic. We will attach a stamp of that country's embassy or high commission on your degree certificate. In order to get your degree certificate attested from UAE, you will have to submit your degree certificate to the nearest UAE embassy or high commission along with a covering letter mentioning the purpose for which you want to get the degree certificate attested.

Procedure of Degree certificate attestation in UAE:

It is difficult to know the exact procedure to attestation of the degree document in UAE, as the procedure differs from one Embassy to another. However, the basic process is as follows: The applicant should submit the documents
• Attestation of Degree is required to be done by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Ministry of Education.
• Ministry of education is the department that officially authenticates Certificate.
• Ministry of Foreign Affair involves in attestation of Degree Certificate as it involves work with Embassy/consulate of UAE and stamping of Degree Certificate by consulate.
• Firstly, you will need to take self-attested Degree Certificate to the authorized Mission and submit it there with a Passport size photo (Please note that the size of the photo needs to be as per the attestation requirement).
• The required fee will be paid at the Mission and Certificate will be attested on the date specified by the Mission.
• If you are working in UAE, you can also attestation certificate at your place of work.
• If your employer is willing to attest your degree certificate, then you need to request your employer and provide them with your original attested degree or certificate and the attestation form.
• Your employer will have to fill and sign the attestation form and they can attest your degree certificate within their company premises.
• All of the above mentioned procedures will be taken care by the employer, but the employer will charge you the attestation cost.

Purposes of degree certificate:

• To make sure that your degree is authentic, you have to get it attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
• Attestation is a common practice in UAE, so attestation certificate is issued by the Ministry at the time of issue of degree certificate.
• The purpose of degree certificate attestation in UAE is that a degree certificate is not considered legal without attestation.
• Degree certificate attestation in UAE is the best way to protect you against fraud and ensure your credibility and credibility.
• Attestation of degree certificate in Dubai and Sharjah is mandatory and it is a legal process.
• Degree certificate attestation in Dubai and degree certificate attestation in UAE make it legitimate.
• So degree certificate attestation Dubai is a must if you are working at a government or private organization, or you are a teacher.

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