How to get Indian certificates attestation in UAE

Indian certificates attestation in UAE

How to get Indian certificates attestation in UAE


In UAE, documents to be produced for visa purpose must be attested or legalized by the UAE authorities. Legalization and Attestation services in UAE are a process by which the documents provided by the individuals are recognized by the government. It is a process that is carried out by the government authorities in UAE. The documents issued by the authorized agencies are not considered valid until they are attested or legalized by the UAE authorities. The documents such as birth, marriage, degree and any other legal documents need to be attested or legalized by the UAE authorities.

Indian Diploma/degree certificate attestation process in UAE: - In order to use your degree/diploma as a proof of educational qualification, your degree certificate issued by govt. approved university or institution has to be attested by the Ministry of external affairs (MEA). MEA is authorized to attest Indian educational certificates. MEA issues attestation letter after verifying the document. The attestation process of your degree/diploma is carried out at the Indian Embassy or Consulate office in your country.

How to get Indian certificates attestation in UAE

In order to apply for Indian Embassy's attestation, you will have to get the following ready:
The Original degree certificate and mark sheet

• A copy of the visa
• A copy of the passport
• A copy of the employment contract
• Two passport size photographs the above mentioned documents must be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once attested you have to take these to the UAE embassy along with a letter stating the reason for which you are requiring the attestation. The embassy fee is depending on your services.
• Firstly, you cannot get them attested in the UAE. For that, you need to go to India. Attestation is a process where the documents are verified by the authorities of the country and the signature is verified.
• The documents are then given a stamp so that they are acceptable in other countries. Indian authorities are called Consular Assistant/Consular Officer.
• A fee is also charged for this process. You will have to pay the visa agent in India and then they bring the documents to you after processing.
• You must contact the embassy of India in UAE to get your certificates attestation in UAE. You will be required to mail the documents to the embassy of India in UAE and you will be informed when the documents are ready.
• You may also be required to submit the originals of your certificates and a fee of attestation will be charged. The attested documents will be mailed back to you by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of India.
• The attestation service offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE Ministry of India is not mandatory but it is highly recommended.
• Since UAE is a Muslim country, it is mandatory to have all the documents there attested by Embassy of India, Dubai.
• This attestation is needed for getting Indian documents in UAE to get UAE documents in India. Attestation is a legal process, which requires the approval of the authenticity of the document.
• Each document needs to be attested by the documents issuing authority, Embassy of India, and a prescribed authority in India.

Purposes of having Indian certificate attestation

• Indian Embassy attestation is necessary to get any document attested from Indian Embassy
• This attestation is necessary to make your document legal valid in India.
• There are many purposes to get your document attested from Indian Embassy like getting visa, work permit, taking admission in schools and many other purposes.
• If your document is not attested from Indian Embassy, then it is not legal and valid in India. So if you want to use your documents in India, then you need to get it attested from Indian Embassy.
• Sometimes, the applicant might need to apply for visa or immigration of some country, and the migrations department requires some documents to be verified
• The person needs to provide Indian certificate attestation in UAE so that they would clear the verification process
• The migration authorities of that country might ask for an Indian certificate attestation in UAE , so there is a possibility that a certificate might be mis-declared, so the authorities might ask for it to be verified.
• The authorities might ask for a verification of the certificates because of some reason, and there are ample facilities of Indian certificate attestation in UAE.

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