How to pick up right degree certificate attestation in UAE

Pick up right degree certificate attestation in UAE

How to pick up right degree certificate attestation in UAE


Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE helps students to establish their educational qualification in UAE. Degree Certificate Attestation Services helps in providing their educational qualification an official document with more worth. In order to get their certificate valid in UAE, it has to be legalized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE and Ministry of Education, UAE.
An attestation is the process whereby your educational qualification is acknowledged in a foreign country. The attestation is issued by the designated authorities of that country. The certificate has to be attested before you can use it for getting a job in that country. The type of attestation varies from one country to the other.
As per the rules and regulations of Ministry of Education, UAE, all the higher education certificates and degrees must be attested from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education. Certificates from foreign universities must be authenticated from the Ministry of Education of the country they are issued in.

How to pick up right degree certificate attestation in UAE

• Degree certificate attestation and legalization is always done by the respective university/college through Ministry of foreign affairs of the UAE.
• Ministry of foreign affairs of the UAE is the only authorized body for degree certificate attestation and authentication. So, you should contact the respective university / college for the attestation of your degree certificate.
• In some UAE universities, you can get the certificate attested that you can use it for job employments and higher studies.
• So you have to be careful in choosing the right university for the graduation. If you are looking for attestation for your degree, you can do it by yourself.
• Attestation is the procedure in which the validity of the certificate is confirmed by some person who has the authority to do it.
• If you are living in UAE, you need to do the certificate attestation through the Indian mission in UAE. The Indian mission will charge some fees from your side.
• You can make the payment to the Indian mission through the Net banking or Credit card. After attestation, your degree certificate will appear as valid for the next ten years.
• You can also apply for the capping ceremony in the same mission.
• The capping ceremony is the ceremony which is organized by the university in which the graduates apply their caps. After capping ceremony you can get your graduation certificate.
• The formalities involved in attestation of grades depend on the university it has been earned from. The procedure for the same is the same for both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

How to get degree certificate attested in UAE:

• You can get UAE degree certificate attested from the UAE Ministry of Higher Education or you can get UAE degree certificate attested from British Council or any other university of your interest where you have studied.
• If an individual is looking to leave the United Arab Emirates, they are required to have their academic records issued by a UAE Ministry of Education accredited college or university.
• This guideline may be applicable regardless of the graduate's current country of residence.
• If a foreign employee has attended a school within the United Arab Emirates, they will need to contact the university to verify if their degree is considered accredited by the Ministry of Education
• If the degree is not considered accredited, the employee will be required to submit their academic records to the Ministry of Education for accreditation.

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