How to put your Family visa services in Abu Dhabi on Hold

Family visa services in Abu Dhabi

How to put your Family visa services in Abu Dhabi on Hold


Family visa or family residence visa is an official permit issued by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide residence permits to the members of the applicant’s family. The family residence visa follows the same procedure as the individual visa.

The family visa services in UAE are offered by the UAE government in order for the people to live together. The families need to follow the rules and regulation of the country as well. The application of family visa services depends on the country from which you are applying. The family visas application can be done from the UAE embassy in the home country of the applicant. The UAE embassy will offer more services to their people. The UAE embassy will guide you about the family visa services. The application forms are available to download from the internet. The applicants can either apply for the visa services through the embassy or can also apply online to get the visa. The visa services can be availed for a single visit or for a long duration.

A family visa is a residence visa for the members of a family. It allows the whole family to live in the UAE. A family visa is mostly issued for the family of the:

• Husband of a UAE national woman
• Wife of a UAE national man
• Emirati man
• Emirati woman
• Son of a UAE national father
• Daughter of a UAE national father the members of the family include the wife, husband and their children.

How to put your Family visa services in Abu Dhabi on Hold:

If you need to put your family visa services in Abu Dhabi on hold, you would need to write a letter to your sponsors confirming that you are no longer accepting any new employment. The letter may be in the format of a standard letter, or it might be a little more personalized. You would need to specify the reason behind putting your family visa services in Abu Dhabi on hold, and you would need to reiterate that you are ready, willing and able to serve the sponsorship period as per the agreement.

• Your family visa services in Abu Dhabi can be put on hold if your sponsor is not able to fulfil his obligations as per the agreement or any other relevant legislation.
• This situation can arise if your sponsor is not able to pay your monthly salary or at the time of your employment you did not disclosed your actual nationality.
• Putting your family visa services in Abu Dhabi on hold means that the authorities will not be able to process your family visa.
• This way, you might be able to stop the deportation proceedings against you.
• However, if you have disclosed your actual nationality and have not misused the family visa, you can inform the Ministry of Interior about your situation and request them to withdraw the case against you.

How to keep a family visa when changing your employment in the UAE?

• The family visa holder can change the employer once they finished the service with their employer and they have the required documents.
• The applicant must be in the same field of work and the new employer provides job letter with the job description and salary.
• After that, the company submits the documents with the applicant's passport, residence visa copy and other required documents for the family visa.
• While job changes in the UAE are common, many people run into problems while trying to get a new visa.
• This is because different emirates in the UAE have different rules regarding employment visas. The best advice is to find out the policies of your emirate.
• Find out if there are any requirements for you to change your visa, and what you'd have to do in order to change your visa. Good luck with your job change.

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