Importance of degree certificate attestation in UAE

Importance of degree certificate attestation in UAE


If a person possesses a non-Arabic or non-Islamic degree and wants to take up a job or get admitted to an institution in the UAE, then it becomes mandatory for him to get his degree attested. Obtaining degree certificate attestation in UAE is not an easy task. There are certain procedures to be followed and there are certain requirements to be fulfilled while getting a degree attested.

In the United Arab Emirates, the attestation of educational credentials is done by designated institutions authorized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Above that, attestation of degrees, diplomas, and certificates is also subjected to the following conditions: The institute must be a duly licensed one. The degree, diploma, certificate, or transcript is issued from a recognized institution. The institute is accredited by authorized accreditation agencies.

The degree is attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if issued from overseas. The credentials submitted by the applicant should contain his/her name, photo, nationality, an educational institution he/she graduated from, type of degree, and date of issuance.

Importance of degree certificate attestation in UAE

Degree Certificate Attestation is a legal process to make an academic document acceptable in another country. It is an important task that has to be done before a certificate can be used in another nation. It is also known as academic validation or educational recognition. In UAE, the degree certificate attestation process is very simple and is done by any authorized person like the student or by the employer.

Many degree certificates are not issued in English and must bear an official attestation from an approved authority. A degree certificate is an official document issued by a college, university, or institution to a student who has completed a course of study. It should be noted that the above attestation procedure is for UAE only. In other countries, degree certificate verification is done differently.

• In today’s world, attestation of academic documents is more important.
• We do not have any problem with it in India, you will never Attestation of your academic document. But it is not the case in Middle East countries.
• If you have just arrived in Dubai then you are thinking to work in UAE. You will be thinking that there is no need for attestation of a Degree Certificate in UAE.
• But you will be wrong. Degree Certificate attestation in UAE is an important thing to do before applying for a job or a visa.
• Because UAE is a Muslim country and they do not believe in a certificate that is not attested by their Embassy/ Consulate in India.
• Without attestation of your degree certificate, you will not be able to get a job in UAE or a visa.
• All the degree certificates which are issued in India are issued after getting an attestation from the university concerned.
• So make sure that you take your degree certificate to the university around the corner and get it attested.
• This attestation is necessary for International documents that are why.

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