Importance of US certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE

US certificate attestation in UAE

Importance of US certificate attestation in UAE


US document attestation in Dubai is a very time killer process because when it is done for the first time in Dubai, the documents have to go through the US consulate in Dubai, get endorsed from there, and then send to the US consulate. If the document is for migration purposes then you have to do it for every single document. To get US document attestation in Dubai quickly, who are most trusted in the Dubai market for quick and trustworthy US document attestation in Dubai.

US certificate attestation at the American Embassy depends on the document to be attested. However, it may not be necessary to send the original documents to the US authorities for authentication and validity, if you are applying for documents that are not required for immigration and visa petitions. This may also depend on your current situation and if you are in danger of losing your job, or if you are requesting a visa for a family member.

Importance of having US certificate attestation in UAE

• Having a valid certificate attestation from the US Consulate in Dubai is very much important in UAE if you run a legal business.
• UAE has certain rules and regulations for the business activities which are compulsory to be followed and if you are violating these rules, you can be summoned at any time by the authorities and you may end up with a big hole in your pocket.
• Certificate attestation from UAE Embassy in the USA is mandatory for all educational and official documents for submission to any legal authority in UAE.
• It is necessary for a family visa, work visa, driver's license, all types of business activities, company registration, property registration, etc.
• Attestation certificate is of different types. For example US certificate attestation in UAE, UAE company registration, and UAE stamp license in India, etc.
• The main aim behind attestation is to verify the originality of documents or certificates like US Certificate of Good-Standing, Educational Degree or US Degree certificate, etc. in India or anywhere else in the world concerning UAE and other countries, Attestation is the process which is done in the presence of someone like Notary Public.
• The person who is going to do the attestation should be from the same city or country from where the document is to be attested.

What are the documents required for attestation of US certificates in the UAE?

Certified documents should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the respective country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE is located in Abu Dhabi. Documents should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abu Dhabi. If the document is wholly owned by the UAE Company, then it should be attested by the UAE Ministry, otherwise, documents should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the respective country, and then attested by the UAE Ministry.

Documents to be submitted along with the US documents.

• UAE Visa
• Residence Visa
• Old Passport,
• New Passport with new US visa.

How many days will take for US certificate attestation in UAE?

The movement of documents from one country to another is regulated by international laws. Due to this fact, there are no standard periods for documents to be posted to any destination.

If all quality checks are approved in your document, the average time taken for US certificate attestation will be 15-20 business days. However, due to certain issues like the heavy workload in the UAE embassy, holidays, and visa processing delays, the certificate attestation process can take 30-45 business days. In our opinion, attestation of documents should be done before submission as this will avoid unnecessary delays.

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