The procedure to get validated School certificate in Dubai,UAE

School Certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi

The procedure to get validated School certificate in UAE


Attestation of School Certificate in UAE is a very common procedure for all school students as a part of their visa documentation. When students apply for their visas, they need to submit their documents for attestation by local authorities. As a part of immigration law, students need to submit a school certificate with attestation. Students can send their original certificates to school or can get them attested by the school itself and then submit them to immigration authorities.

You are asking about how to get attested copies of documents attested in the UAE. It is possible, but you will have to follow the legal process for it. There are offices located in all major cities and some towns in UAE, where you can get documents attested for use outside the country. It is required by law that you present the original document along with a photocopy of the same. You may also have to pay some fees. The process usually takes not more than a couple of days, so you should be in a position to get attested documents in a week.

How to obtain school certificate attestation

If you want to get your school certificates attestation in the United Arab Emirates, you must contact the relevant government authority. UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the authority to apply in the case of a child that has not attained 18 years of age. The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs will provide a list of the UAE embassies and consulates that are accredited to give the attestation. The attestation will be given only after a person has reached 18 years of age. The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the only office to perform the attestation process.

Obtaining school certificate attestation in UAE is a confusing procedure since it is not just a mere attestation, it is a procedure of verification, re-evaluation, and stamping of the original documents. Though it does not add any value to your original documents it is a mandatory step for every applicant to pass through. To avoid any sort of confusion or delay, we will help you through the entire procedure of attestation from the very beginning to the end.

• School certificate is a process that translates your school certificate into Arabic and recognizes it with an equivalent value in UAE.
• You may not be aware that your educational qualification is not valid in the UAE without making your certificate attested by the competent authority in UAE.
• This means that the UAE Embassy will not recognize your certificate without the attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE.

Everything you need to know about school certificate attestation in UAE

School certificate attestation in UAE may seem difficult at first, but you can make it easier by following these simple steps.
• Find out if you need to get your documents attested or not. Laws in UAE are very strict so most of the time you will surely need to get your documents attested.
• Choose a trustworthy and reliable service provider. An expert in this line of work can make the process simple and can guarantee the safety of your documents.
• Fill in the application form, providing the required information in detail. Make sure you are extremely honest in providing the details, because if you are not, everything can go wrong and you may have to start the process all over again.
• Submit the documents, and wait for the attestation to be completed. Once your documents are attested, take a copy for yourself and your university. That's it; you have completed the attestation of your certificate in Dubai, UAE.

It is mandatory to have a certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE if it is in any foreign language. A certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs covers both the education and experience passport issued by the school authorities. For example, if a person has graduated from a foreign university, he/she is required to have the original certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which confirms the authenticity of the certificate.

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