Top Reasons Why Your Certificate attestation Gets Rejected

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Top Reasons Why Your Certificate attestation Gets Rejected


When you apply for a visa or any other document outside UAE, you may get your documents rejected. Some people feel that it is a bad thing while others don’t care. But it is not. Rejected documents need to be proofread and redoing some procedures. Without any correction, we can’t send the documents again.

Every application to study in foreign countries is assessed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the candidate’s educational documents and performance, language proficiency, work experience, and reasons for applying to the desired program. Before applying, you should have a clear idea of the type of documents to which you are applying and their admission needs.

Top Reasons Why Your Certificate attestation Gets Rejected

Certificate Attestation is the process that which official seals and stamps will be placed on them after they are verified as authentic and original. Attestation of documents is mandatory before you can use them in UAE as they are not acceptable without verification. Many times while applying for a job or getting a visa or even while signing a contract your company or employer may ask you to get your documents attested. Many times people are rejected in attestation because they do not follow the proper procedure before making the documents compliant with the regulations. Hence here are a few reasons why your certificate gets rejected in attestation along with the steps that you can follow to make your documents authentic and ready for attestation.

Certificates in Regional language

A lot more of your documents will be provided in a nearby language. Nevertheless, legally filing such archives is meaningless because experts have no choice but to review them. This will result in the dismissal of the documents at that time. As such, you are guaranteed to convert your local reports to language according to the requirements of the Consulate.

When you have fake documents:

Individuals and companies operating in the UAE are required to submit accurate and truthful information on their documents. If you have fake documents and you get caught, the punishment is severe. You will be charged under Article 215 of the Federal Penal Code which states that it is an offense to use forged documents and face a jail sentence. You will also be hit with a fine based on the value of the document.

Criminal documents in UAE

In the event that you have been/are indicted for an offense, in any jurisdiction, you are thought to be a risk to the nation's achievement and growth. This implies your application is more often than not rejected. In the exceptionally uncommon situation where you've got a good criminal record, there shouldn't be any issues with regard to this.

In the event that you've been/are indicted for a criminal offense, you can be seen as a danger to society. Generally, applicants with such a record won't have any trouble getting repatriated back home. On the off chance that you have a clean criminal record, entering your home country shouldn’t be an issue.

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