UK Certificate Attestation and Embassy Attestation Services

UK Certificate Attestation in Abu Dhabi

UK Certificate Attestation and Embassy Attestation Services

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There are several institutions in Dubai that provide services of UK qualification certificate attestation. They are offering various attestation services which include UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and all other countries. These institutes have a specialized and expert team of professionals who are fully aware of the various rules and laws of UAE and the other countries and the procedure of certificate attestation in the country. They have a good background in certificate attestation services and they give required assistance to the applicants to solve their queries and doubts. The applicants can get the complete list of these institutions through the website of the UK embassy or consulate in UAE or by calling the consulate in UAE.

UK certificate attestation in UAE is a very easy process. You just need to get your certificate attestation from the approved authority and submit it to the concerned authority in UAE. We are presenting here the attestation services for UK certificates in UAE.

How to obtain a UK certificate attested in UAE?

• The attestation services for UK documents are carried out by local agents in each state of the United Arab Emirates. They can be contacted by mail or by phone.
• You will need to send your document with the application form and the original fees to the agent.
• The documents will be sent back to you with the authenticated copies. UK has no diplomatic presence in the UAE, so you will have to do this yourself.
• You need to contact local authorities in which you wish to get your certificate attested to confirm if they will accept documents from the UK to process certificate attestation.
• Since UAE and UK have a special relationship, then you can also go directly to UAE Embassy in London to get your documents attested.
• Make sure you have all the required documents for attestation.

Why UK certificate attestation services are required?

The UAE authorities have laid down the law that only a document accompanied by a proof of authenticity can be used for doing any official business in the UAE. The proof of authenticity of a document can be verified in two ways. One way is to get it attested or verified by a UAE Consulate in the country of origin or any of the UAE Embassies outside the UAE. The other way is to get the document verified by any one of the UAE Notary services. For this, they want the foreign certificate attestation in UAE.

• The process of the UAE certificate attestation is very simple. The certificate should be legalized by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be contacted at the following address.
• UAE visa office is aware that many people apply for a job in UAE, as the UAE job market is expanding every year, and it has become the biggest employer of foreigners.
• The requirement for the visa office is to check if the applicant is qualified for the job for which he has applied.
• The applicant needs to provide certain documents to prove the right qualification. And all the documents must be attested by the UAE government.
• Attestations may be provided by the government of the applicant's home country before they can be presented to the consulate.
• The attestation is a procedure where the original copy is compared with the original copy. It is also used to certify the veracity of the signature and seal of an individual or office.

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