What are the documents required for our certificate attestation?

What are the documents required for our certificate attestation?


Certificate attestation in UAE is a process of attesting the documents provided by the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security. Having a certificate attestation from UAE Embassy in the US for your personal or business documents you want to use in UAE, is an important part of following the local law and procedure. The certificate attestation then proves that the document is true and has not been tampered with.

US Certificate Attestation in UAE is the verification of the originality of the certificates. This attestation is very much needed if a certificate is issued in the USA. It is very much needed in the UAE if a certificate is issued in the USA. This certificate attestation is very much needed when you are applying for a job in UAE. If you have completed your studies in the USA and have your Certificate there, it is required to get your certificate attested from the UAE Embassy or Consulate in the USA.

In the UAE it is necessary to have official recognition for a US university degree for many government jobs. US certificates are generally recognized as equivalent to a bachelor's degree. Similar requirements apply in other countries. There are companies in the US that specialize in US certificates attestation.

What are the Documents needed for our certificate attestation in UAE

US Educational documents:

• US Degree certificate Attestation
• Degree certificate Attestation
• School certificate Attestation

US Personal Documents:

• Marriage certificate attestation
• Birth certificate attestation
• Experience certificate attestation
• Medical certificate attestation
• employment certificate attestation

Company documents:

• Power of attorney attestation services
• company documents
• Attestation of commercial documents such as occupation, invoice, communication, articles of incorporation

Benefits of Having US certificate attestation in UAE

• It is a procedure to declare the genuineness of the degree of a graduate or a postgraduate or a professional degree
• It is a process to establish the genuine degree of a person at the time of his application. It is not just the process of attestation but it is an entire procedure that includes the process of verification of the degree, evaluation of the compliance of the degree with the laws and rules, the process of attestation, and the preparation of a certificate.
• The attestation procedures for a certificate vary depending on the country where you are traveling to.
• It is important to find out the policy of the country where you are planning to visit before you travel.
• For example, in the UAE, the attestation of US certificates is a simple procedure.
• For example, in the UAE, the attestation

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