What is a birth certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE? Why should we attest it?

Birth certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi

What is a birth certificate attestation? Why should we attest it?


Birth certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi is compulsory to obtain the residence visa in UAE, if your baby born in UAE or Some other countries. Birth certificate attestation has a very huge importance, worldwide. The attestation process of birth certificate will enrich the property of the document in the destination country. Birth certificate has highly importance in one people’s life. The Birth document has the record of important details about the new born and the parentage. Birth certificate is a document which is always required in every people’s life. Generally, a birth certificate is by the concerned doctor.

Why should we attest Birth certificate?

Birth certificate uses in making abroad travel faster without some legal matters and buying your purposes easily. Birth certificate will help the officials of target countries to understand the age of the settler. Birth certificate is a very important document that provides legal proof of the birth that took place in a certain place and time. Nowadays, birth certificate is used for different purposes like for visa, passport, and education and so on.

Obtaining birth certificate attestation requires you to first apply for the attestation at the Foreign Ministry of your country of origin through its embassy. Attestation comes in two forms, general and specific. General attestation is for a passport for a new-born child where the details of the child will be included in the parent’s passport. Specific attestation is for a child where the child will be issued the passport. Both general and specific attestation requires the presence of the child (if applicable).

Attestation of Birth Certificate in UAE:

• Attestation of Birth Certificate in UAE by Consulate: In order to get your Birth Certificate Apostilled in UAE, you will have to visit the Consulate of UAE in your country.
• The requirement is to provide the following documents: Original certificate Apostille and legalization of the place where you had issued.

Is birth certificate attestation needed for UAE Visa?

Birth certificate is compulsory for obtaining a resident visa in UAE, but it also applies to just about some kind of visa for countries all over the world. Countries have different process for legal certificate attestation, which is what an attestation services agency does when it authenticates certificates on behalf of services companies or peoples.

Purposes of attesting Birth certificate attestation in UAE

• Birth certificate is compulsory when one applies for his/her child’s entry in a foreign country.
• This is needed as a proof of age in schools.
• A birth document is also required for helping a permanent residence visa and some other legal purposes.
• In simple terms in order to travel from one country to another country Birth certificate attestation is compulsory.
• Birth certificate attestation is needed while you are applying for a visa to journey to another country.
• It is a compulsory requirement to provide verified birth certificate if you are planning to take your kids along with you foreign countries.

What are the Procedures for Birth Certificate attestation in UAE?

• Attestation of the notary public has to be done first.
• Attestation from the Foreign Affairs in the home land.
• Attestation from the Embassy in the home land.
• Attestation from the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs (MOFA) where the certificate has to be used.

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