What is the procedure to attest certificates in UAE?

Certificate attestation in UAE

What is the procedure to attest certificates in UAE?


Certificate Attestation in UAE is the authorized procedure with the purpose of making a document acceptable for use in the United Arab Emirates. It is a legal procedure through which the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs legalizes the documents for use within the Emirates. To achieve the certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, the consignee is required to make an application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dubai. The application must be accompanied by an affidavit stating that the document was issued by the competent authority of the consignee's country.

Certificate attestation requires the signature of the official of the Emirate. To get this certification, you’ll have to create a document with the signature of the specified official. He will also have to stamp the document. The process is time-consuming and expensive. Hence, you need to hire a person who will make the required documents in no time.

How to get certificate attestation services in UAE?

• Emirates certificate attestation in the UAE. To get UAE certificate attestation, you need to get the certificate attested at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in your home country.
• The attestation is free of cost and you can get it easily. The attestation is simple and very easy to get. This attestation is of great importance if you wish to use your certificate as an official document.
• The certificate will not be accepted without attestation. If you wish to take your certificate to UAE, then you need to get UAE certificate attestation.
• We can provide you certificate attestation from UAE Ministry of Education within 7 working days.
• The attestation will be done from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This attestation will be accepted in UAE.
• You can take your original certificate, your attested photocopy of the certificate and 2 passport size photographs to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for attestation.
• The attestation will be done in few days. You can also get your certificates attested from the UAE consulate in your city.
• The charges in the consulate are much more than the one in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
• It is one of the most crucial aspects of the move or shift in a foreign country. For a citizen certificate attestation services in UAE is mandatory to avoid any harassment in the future.
• It is basically a formal procedure where the Government of UAE confirms that the documents are legal and satisfactory.
• These are basically the legal documents issued in the country of origin and need to be confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.

Procedure of certificate attestation in UAE:

Official UAE embassy and consulate in India (and vice-versa) is usually the authority to attest the certificate of UAE. Certificate attestation is done by the Embassy of UAE in India, in the presence of the applicant and in accordance with the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs approval number/letter and the UAE Embassy attestation fee.

The process of attestation of educational documents is different in every country. Here is the procedure of certificate attestation in UAE. The educational documents are attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE. The process of attestation starts after the submission of the application. Here are the steps to follow.

• You need to submit the application along with the required documents.
• Documents are sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs through diplomatic channels.
• When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs receives your documents, they inform you that your documents are ready.
• Then you need to collect the documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
• On the same day, you need to submit the documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country.
• After verifying the documents, that Ministry attests that your documents are genuine.
• Finally, your documents are attested.

Purposes of certificate attestation in UAE:

Certificate Attestation is the process by which a public or a private agency or officer intercedes and certifies a document as true and legal. It is mandatory to have the documents attested when one wants to submit them across the country. When documents are submitted to any authority, the authority asks the applicant to get them attested. Attestation is necessary for documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificate, academic degrees etc.

Certificate attestation in UAE is the process of UAE Embassy or Consulate acknowledgement / confirmation that the documents and certificates issued by the other countries are valid. Certificate attestation is the confirmation / acknowledgement of the authenticity of the documents issued by the institutions of other countries. Certificate attestation is required to be done by the UAE Embassy / Consulate / UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country from where the documents are issued.

Verifying the true status of a certificate is an important process. Authorities deal with documents that include birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic credentials, and other records of personal identity. The process is aimed at ensuring the credibility of the certificate and its subject, and providing verifiable evidence that can be presented in court, in stand-alone fashion, as needed.

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