Complete Guide on degree Certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi

Degree Certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi

Complete Guide on degree Certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi


Degree certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi is the process of legalising a degree or a certificate. It is a crucial process when you want to transfer your degree or certificate from other country to UAE. It is a legal process which is done by gazette of India when we transfer our degree or certificate it is necessary to legalize at the ministry of external affairs then the attestation is done at the embassy of the particular country in UAE. It is true that education is now available globally, so people can easily study abroad, but when it comes to official stuffs of job, degree certificate attestation is still necessary for job opportunities. Here you can mention the process of degree certificate attestation in UAE and the degree certificate attestation cost in UAE.

The attestation of your UAE degree certificate (any degree from any country can be attested) is a must before you can use it in UAE. The degrees are first attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE, and now a days Ministry of Interior. After attestation, the degrees are sent to Embassy of the country from where the degree was earned to be attested. Ministry of Foreign Affairs also accepts degrees from Ministry of Education of the country that issued the degree. You can check the attestation status online from the UAE MOI website. The attestation process is total of 9 days (3 days for MOI, 3 days for Ministry of Education and 3 days for Embassy).

How to obtain degree document attestation in UAE:

Obtaining the degree certificate attestation in UAE is a legal and mandatory process. In order to get the degree certificate attested from UAE Embassy or Consulate, applicants need to follow the below mentioned procedure:

✔️ Obtaining the degree certificate attestation in UAE is super easy. All you need to do is to collect your degree certificate, passport and duly filled UAE degree certificate attestation form.
✔️ After that, you can either send it by courier or personally take it to the Consulate at Dubai.
✔️ If you want to get your university degree certificate attested from any government department in UAE, you will have to submit a formal application to the concerned department.
✔️ They will review your application and issue an attestation letter, which you will have to provide to the UAE consulate along with your degree certificate.
✔️ Getting a degree certificate attested from the UAE Embassy in India is a lengthy process.
✔️ But there are two ways to get your UAE Degree Attestation done much faster.
✔️ Since you will be going to work in UAE you will have to provide degree documents to the immigration authorities there.
✔️ For this you need to get those documents attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
✔️ The process of attestation is quite simple; in fact it is done through the expert who is a registered agent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
✔️ He expert charges some money for this attestation.
✔️ We can help you to find out a good expert in your city as attestation process is too big for us to handle.

Process of Degree document attestation in UAE:

It is difficult to know the exact procedure to attestation of the degree document in UAE, as the procedure differs from one Embassy to another. However, the basic process is as follows: The applicant should submit the documents
✔️ Application form, Passport, degree document; to the Embassy.
✔️ The application form has to be filled and signed by the applicant. The Embassy will issue an acknowledgement for the documents and will keep them for 2 to 3 weeks, as per the waiting list.
✔️ Educational degrees, certificates attestation from UAE Embassy is an important part of the Emirati students life that they can’t take it lightly.
✔️ After 2 to 3 weeks, the Embassy will call the applicant and confirm the date of attestation.
✔️ From time to time, new procedures and new rules are set out.
✔️ If the applicant has already confirmed the date of attestation, then the Embassy will send a confirmation letter 1 or 2 days before the date of attestation.
✔️ On the day the Embassy will take copies of the documents and issue the attested copy.
✔️ After the attestation, the Embassy will send the attested copy through courier to UAE.
✔️ It usually takes 2 to 3 days for the courier to reach the destination.
✔️ The applicant may also pick up the attested copy, once it reaches the destination.

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