Formalities of certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE

Certificate Attestation in UAE

Formalities of certificate attestation in UAE


A certificate is a legal document that is issued by the educational institution where you are accepted. A Certificate attestation in UAE is a process by which an educational institution in the UAE issues a certificate that is legitimate and accepted in the UAE. Educational institutions in the UAE provide certificate attestation services to ensure that certifications are valid for use in the UAE. If you want to apply for a visa to the United Arab Emirates and need to submit a certificate, you'll need to get the certificate attestation from educational institutions.

The procedure of confirming a certificate issued in one country by the Indian Embassy or Consulate in that country is known as certificate attestation. This procedure is required in order for it to be accepted in India. The procedure for attestation of certificates can be broken into two sections. The first is the legal process, and the second is the Apostille. It is the procedure of validating documents issued outside the United Arab Emirates and bringing them to the UAE Consulate. The documents must be valid in the UAE and must be validated by the UAE Consulate. Only documents issued by foreign authorities are subject to this procedure.

The procedure of Certificate attestation in the UAE

To be more specific, obtaining a certificate is the first stage, followed by having it attested. A certificate is a type of vital document that is used to verify your credentials. It could be your academic credentials, employment experience, or a loan document. In general, any type of certification is issued by a certifying agency or institution with the ability to do so. Each certification has a set time of validity. The certificates become invalid and can no longer be used once the validity term has expired or a person has left the company. "Out of date" certificates are commonly used to describe such faulty certificates.

• A valid passport, as well as your original birth certificate and marriage certificate, if applicable, is required to acquire a visa to the United Arab Emirates.
• You should also bring a divorce decree if you were previously married and have been granted a divorce.
• You will also need to obtain an official UAE residency visa after you arrive in the UAE, which you will be given when you arrive at the airport.
• Once you arrive at the airport, you will need your original birth certificate and marriage certificate.
• Your passport will be stamped with the residency visa.
• You must also keep this visa with you at all times during your stay.
• You may require the assistance of a local sponsor to get this visa.
• Your sponsor must be a UAE resident who will issue you a certificate stating that they have no objections to your presence in the country.
• When you arrive at the airport for your visa to be stamped in your passport, your sponsor should also hand over your original birth certificate and marriage certificate to the immigration authorities.

What are the documents needed for Certificate attestation services in UAE

• Original passport and its photocopy.
• Photocopy of the previous passport (if you have one).
• Two colored passport size photos.
• Letter from employer.
• A copy of the degree certificate.
• All of the above-mentioned documents should be attested from the Indian Embassy/Consulate in UAE.

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