How to get a diploma certificate attestation in UAE

Diploma certificate attestation in UAE

How to get a diploma certificate attestation in UAE


In Dubai, UAE, attestation of diplomas certificates is done in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Attestation in Dubai is used to authenticate the validity of the degree or certificate issued to a person by a college or university abroad. This is for accepting educational documents for job purpose or for a visa application.
A diploma certificate attestation in UAE is the procedure of submitting a document to the appropriate authority/ministry to get a legal status as per the local law. The process of attestation is needed in different situations like when a document is not issued or signed by the local authorities or it is issued outside the country. A diploma certificate attestation in UAE is required when the document is used locally to get a job, apply for a scholarship or admission, get an income tax exempt or conduct any business.
It is authorized by Ministry of Law and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE. We are providing attestation from all over the world. This service is very useful for those who are in work visa, who wants to apply for visa or applying for new passport. Because the attesting diplomas and certificates that issued from their country, this is helpful for them to study and employment in another country. It is useful for their future.

How to get a diploma certificate attestation

When you go to the UAE embassy for issuing the attestation of any document like diploma certificate, and you are not a UAE national, you will be asked to provide the following documents to the Consulate General of UAE in order to get the legal attestation in Dubai.

• For attestation of diploma in UAE, you need to produce it in the office of Ministry of Justice in the country of which you are a citizen.
• In the case you are not a citizen of that country, and then you need to produce it in the office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.
•Diplomas and all other documents issued by the institute in UAE have to be attested by Ministry of Justice which houses in Abu Dhabi.
• You can present your original document along with the attestation certificate. As soon as the attestation officer verifies your original certificate, the attestation is granted instantly.
•The attestation of your Diplomas and certificates is compulsory in UAE in order to get your visa stamped in your passport.
• If you don't get your certificates attested, then your visa will not be stamped and you will not be able to enter the country.

Purposes of having diploma certificate attested in UAE:

• People in UAE want to get a diploma degree certificate attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of UAE. It is a common requirement for many companies for getting the job done. If you are an expatriate and if you want to work in a company in UAE then you will require that. You will need it for entering many jobs in UAE. It is essential to have it before you get a job there.
• You can get a job on the basis of your educational qualification and a diploma is the first step.
• Further, if you need to apply for a visa for your own country then the attestation of diploma certificate is the first step.
• Some of the most common fields in which you can get a job on the basis of your diploma certificate are government jobs, defence jobs, IT jobs and many other jobs. .
• Further, with some experience you can get into good companies and work as a team leader with a good salary.
• Unless you have a diploma, your search for a decent job will be very limited.
• Further, for some jobs, you may even have to get your diploma certificate legalized which is a very lengthy process.
• You may end up using your degree certificate instead of diploma certificate.
• Attest your documents for immigration purposes. When you move to a foreign country, you will have to present your documents for immigration.
• The documents that are to be used for immigration purpose are those which contain your name, address, place of birth and other details
• Once your immigration purpose is over, the documents will have to be used for other purposes

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