Residence visa services in Abu Dhabi

Residence visa services in Abu Dhabi, UAE


Abu Dhabi is becoming a more appealing place to live. As a result, there is a growing demand for an UAE residence visa. Apart from its beautiful weather and beaches, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates in UAE has an excellent infrastructure and the best business opportunities. The cities in UAE is home to some of the world's largest malls, tallest buildings, most prestigious restaurants, and Education opportunities. This is what makes the UAE residency visa so attractive.

The Advantages of Having an UAE Resident Visa
• Create a bank account.
• Access financial resources.
• Application for a driver's license.
• Get access to government health care and health insurance.
• Register his or her children in both public and private schools.
• Invest and work.

Different types of Residence visa services in the UAE

Your residence visa is determined by the purpose of your visit to Dubai. The UAE currently offers Different types of residence visas, which are as follows:

The UAE Investment Visa:

(long-term residency) is available to foreigners who invest greatly in the UAE. This visa is valid for a longer period of time (up to ten years) than other resident visas and does not require a sponsor if you qualify.

The UAE Family Visa:

is intended for close relatives of UAE citizens/international residents. Males can sponsor their women, sons, daughters, parents, and stepchildren in addition to the minimum salary requirements; women can sponsor their husbands and children.

UAE Work Visa:

for people from other countries who have found work and obtained a Work Permit in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The employee's minimum age for a work visa should be 18. Furthermore, there are three categories: Category 1 for those with a bachelor's degree or higher, Category 2 for those with a post-secondary diploma, and Category 3 for those with a high school diploma.

What are the documents required for a residence visa in Abu Dhabi
• Genuine passport.
• Two passport-sized photographs that meet the UAE visa photo requirements.
• Documents such as birth and marriage certificates are required when applying for a family visa.
• Additional documentation relating to your travel purpose.

Power index management services in Abu Dhabi can help you obtain your Abu Dhabi residency visa.

What are you waiting for now that you have all of the necessary information about the Abu Dhabi Residency visa? Dubai is a wonderful place to spend your days and nights. Though the procedure is straightforward, we recommend that you seek professional assistance to avoid any errors in the documentation. You can contact the Power index management services in Abu Dhabi, which will guide you through each step, assist you in preparing all necessary documents, and obtain all necessary permissions and approvals on your behalf. All you have to do is call us and tell us about your business needs, and we'll take care of the rest.


A sponsor is required for an Abu Dhabi residence visa. These sponsors depend upon the type of residence visa you have. However, under certain conditions, you may be your own sponsor.
Your sponsors will be as follows:
• You can apply if you have investments or property; your company or property will serve as a sponsor.
• Employer can sponsor to his / their employee.
• Your family member will be your sponsor for a family visa.

The fees for your Abu Dhabi residence visa are determined by the length of your visa. Medical exams and health insurance are not included in the fees listed while applying for residence visa.

An Abu Dhabi residence visa allows you to stay for two or three years, depending on the reason for your visit. If you have an investment or retirement visa, you can stay for up to 5-10 years. These visas are all renewable.
Your sponsor must renew your visa within 30 days of its expiry date. If the visa is still valid, it is also possible to renew it. The grace period lasts 30 days after the expiry date. If you stay longer than 30 days with an expired visa, you will be fined.

The UAE's population, particularly its workforce, is primarily made up of expatriates. They have lived in the UAE with their families for years, constantly renewing their residence visas because the UAE does not grant permanent residency visas to ex-pats.
The majority of visitors to the UAE come as tourists and stay even after their visas expire. In such cases, they are charged a fine for overstaying. To avoid the penalty fees, they must renew their visa before the due date. If they want to renew their visa, they must return to their country of residence, apply for the visa again, and return after a month.

• Employers with a valid residence visa and a minimum salary of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation are both eligible to sponsor their families.
• The type of occupation is no longer a factor in obtaining a family visa in the UAE.
• If the father lives in the UAE and is able to sponsor his children and parents.
• A family visa to the UAE is issued based on the nature of the work and the labour contract.
• After entering the UAE, resident sponsors have 60 days to apply for their dependents' residence visas.
• To obtain a family visa in the UAE, applicants aged 18 and up must pass a medical fitness test at a government-approved health centre in the UAE.
• To sponsor your wife, you must provide an attested marriage certificate. A certified translator must translate the certificate into Arabic.
• Residents can only sponsor their unmarried daughters.
• Residents can sponsor their son until he reaches the age of 18. If your son is enrolled in school, he can be sponsored until the age of 21.
• An expats resident may sponsor their stepchildren in accordance with Correct guidelines.
• Both parents can be sponsored by an employee. You must submit a guarantee for each parent as specified by the respective immigration department in order to do so.
• A woman can sponsor her family if she has a residence visa and a monthly salary of at least AED 8000 plus housing.

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