Significance of UK Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

UK certificates attestation

Significance of UK Attestation Services in UAE


UK certificate attestation in UAE is required when you need to get a UK certificate officially authenticated in UAE. It is a legal authentication of the UK certificate by the UAE embassy. This certificate is widely accepted in UAE, India, and Pakistan. Many students and job applicants who are visa applicants require UK certificate attestation in UAE. UAE ministry of foreign affairs requires certificate attestation from the UAE embassy for any document from outside UAE. Most of the time the certificate attestation from the consulate is not acceptable in UAE.

UK education certificate (certificate of education, certificate of secondary education, certificate of higher education) is equivalent to an A-Level certificate/Diploma certificate/degree certificate of GCC countries including UAE. With this attestation certificate, you can get a job in the UK or the Middle East. Moreover, a certificate attestation service provider can help you to get a UAE job based on your UK education certificate.

When you are applying for a visa or a job abroad, you need to present original certificates of your academic & professional qualifications. But your certificates will not be considered original if certified by the authorities in your home country. You need to get them attested by the authorities in the country of your destination. For example, You need to submit your certificates to the U.K. embassy in UAE, they can never be accepted as original if they are approved by the Indian embassy or university authorities. Attestation is a kind of verification of your certificates.

Importance of UK certificate attestation services in UAE

UK certificate attestation in UAE is quite crucial as they are the legal documents that would help you to deal with legal proceedings in UAE. For example, if you are to take a loan in UAE, the lender would ask for the UAE certificate attestation for UK documents. Hence, it becomes important for you to get it attested by UAE officials.

✔️ UK Degree certificate attestation is mandatory for any kind of immigration/ visa/work permit or any other official purpose.
✔️ The attestation of certificates is to make sure that the documents submitted by the candidates are genuine and are not fake or forged.
✔️ The certification is done by the respective department in the UK. In India, the UK authorities are appointed by the Govt. of India, and the attestation process is done under the rules and regulations of the Indian Embassy.
✔️ The attestation of a UK certificate in the UAE is a legal procedure.
✔️ It is mandatory to get the UK certificate attested by authorities of the UAE.
✔️ It is applicable to both the original UK certificates and the notarized copy of the UK certificate.
✔️ The certificate that you are presenting to the UAE authorities should be authentic. It should be issued from the concerned authority and should not be altered.
✔️ The documents that we attested to include birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, degree certificate, diploma certificate, income tax certificate, permanent resident certificate, driving license, passport, etc.
✔️ We are very efficient in carrying out the certificate attestation procedure in UAE.

How to get UK certificate attestation services in UAE

✔️ The UAE Embassy in London is the right place to get attestation of UK certificates.
✔️ However, the precise steps to get the process completed.
✔️ The first step is to get the certificate authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UK.
✔️ After that, you need to get the authenticated document attested by the UAE Embassy in London.
✔️ Once this is done, you can attest it from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.
✔️ In UAE, attestation of certificates is mandatory for students who have graduated from a foreign country for getting admission to any reputed college or university in UAE.
✔️ I have tried the services of DXC attestation but unfortunately, the service is not that good.
✔️ So this time I have used the attestation services of Test Country UAE.
✔️ It is very easy to find the contact details or service providers by just searching the top Google search results.

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